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Will the winter weather make it worse

I'm just curious, does anyone else find the winter weather brings out Fibromyalgia more than the summer weather... am worried that it's going to get worse now the weather is getting cooler... I know previously the cold brings it on in my knees especially but am not sure whether or not it's going to get much worse... can anyone help?

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Hi. As I mentioned in my blog, alot of us do seen to be suffering more at the moment. I am sure the cold doesn't affect everyone though. I am a dog walker/pet sitter and so in and out all day. I make sure I am always wrapped up warm and try not to get to the stage when I get cold. If I start to shiver that's when it can really hurt.

Piggie hugs xxxx


I find i'm always worse in the cold weather, i'm dreading the winter as I always feel cold anyway, got my thermal underwear ready :-)


Ow ouch groan creak.....:) hehe I think that answers it


As much as the change to colder weather I find the increase in damp weather had huge effect on my pains esp in legs, I say my legs tell me it's raining before I look out if the window lol. Until last year my flat had very poor limited electric heating, every winter I spent most of my time virtually hibernating. Finally last year Warm Front fitted me storage heaters and the difference had been amazing, no needing to put my coat on to go through go loo on middle of night. Obviously storage heating isn't as good or adjustable as central heating but as I didn't qualify for that I am just do grateful for some warmth

I am already feeling the effects of the colder weather znd lack of real summer so dreading the real winter setting in


I find any extreme of temperature makes fibro worse.

The best sort of weather is when it's mild but not too hot.

The worse thing about really cold weather is having to wear thick heavy clothing, I find winter boots, even those Uggs, totally exhausting to wear, and can only walk short distances, whereas light summer pumps are great.

I suppose all we can do is stay warm and wrap up in the lightest warmest clothes we can find.

I would like to go out in my duvet, but my daughter won't let me!


Yes, unfortunately the winter cold and damp do make the fibro worse.

For me, hot weather is almost as unbearable, as I have to cover up as sun on my skin really hurts, as if someone was passing a flame thrower over me.

Whilst I love storms, the humidity buildup gives me a migraine, although once it starts raining the relief is amazing, and I love watching the lightning.

I find the best weather for me is in spring and early autumn, when the sun is more gentle and the air is dry.

Cheers, Midori


I myself get worse in the winter and stay in a lot with jumpers and blankets all through the day which i find hard as when i was younger i loved winter and always wanted to travel the North hemisphere but now i'll just have to deal with it x


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