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Well that'll teach me!

Hi peeps. I foolishly made the mistake of thinking to myself the other day that when I go back to see my GP next month I'll be able to report a big improvement. Now I was very careful not to voice this to anyone, not even myself, but it seems the cosmos can mind-read and decided to give me my comeuppance. I had a pig of a day at work yesterday so knew I'd be tired today. Must have been bad as one of the GPs actually apologised for heaping so much work on me - so unusual an occurrence I had to mark it in my diary! Planned a day of nothing much today and deliberately spent the morning in bed. I have managed to take a bath, get dressed and unload the dishwasher and that has left me feeling like I've gone three rounds with Mike Tyson. Not got the strength to sit up so am reclining on a the sofa with a pile of pillows propping me up and my arms aching like crazy typing this but I'm buggered if I'm going to give in entirely. Feel free to asterisk me out Moffy et al as I can't be bothered to think of useful alternatives today.I'm wondering if said cosmos can be fooled by reverse psychology. Think I'll try dwelling on telling the doc how terrible I feel in the hope it turns its attention elsewhere so I can go back to feeling a bit better. Apologies in advance if you happen to be the something else its attention lights upon x

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Ouch goes flying..... So sorry to read this Misty,, it happens to me too the minute I rest up for a few days to prepare for something like a long trip to the hospital I know now full well I am going to wake up feeling like something the cat dragged in and looking infinitely worse... On a plus note as I don't work send all your bad vibes my way ... I,ll take them for you... Plus I,ll try the reverse psychology knowing my luck I,ll send it out all the bad vibes and they will just bounce back and whack me in the eye

Hope you feel better soon

VG x


hi mistymeana

you go ahead and say how you feel as this is the place to be for Fm sufferers!

must be someting in the air at minute with the arms etc ohhh so weak and hurting is not the words hahah.

just doing simple chores can tire you out and especially if you was that tired to start out with and no energies to do much but needs must and all that we continue to do our daily chores as best we can!

taking washing out of machine and transfering to the dryer is hard work its like wow how can something so simple be so hard.

you do rite to rest up now as a long day you have had gosh just hte getting to hospital and sitting around and then seeing who ever you see and then getting back home and sorting hourseld things out no wander your laid up.

we do burn candles at both ends a llot but what else are we supposed to do.

a snuggly cosey hug to you and your pillows ahhhhhh i am feeling the comfort already ;-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




So sorry to hear how you feel, but is it me but when we have a couple of good days and then the flare it is always seems worse than if we had just kept the pain going on without the good days. I think I am tripping over my words and what i mean here. start again

When we have constant pain I feel we get conditioned to it and are more able to cope than when we have those good days and the flare always seems more painful than if we had not had the good days.

Or is it just me?

I think I shall go before I totally mess up.

Take care and Kindest regards



Its not just you Terry I'm the same if it eases off fore a while it alwaysb feells 10 times worse when it flares up again, not that I've ever had a pain free day if I'm not hurting in one place I hurt in another it just changes in intensity.

Misty hope your feeling better soon. Sithy


Thanks guys. Still weak as a kitten today and the fog is rolling in! Turned round after making breakfast to find I'd carefully put the butter back by the kettle and the teabags in the fridge! Think I'd better stay hidden for the day so I can minimise the damage to society. At least my spirits remain highish which is a bonus. I think the awful gloom that can descend is often the worst part of our little FM friend. Might be because the sun is shining for the first time in ages. Another duvet day catching up on TV me thinks x


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