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Hospital hell

Spent Saturday night in the LGI after dislocating my collar bone in a riding accident. Waited hours before I got any painkillers and because the doctor didn't see me till 3am they wouldn't give me my sleep meds. I was in a ward with 5 others and one of the machines kept bleeping but nobody came so I called the nurse. It was a warming that her oxygen was empty. Did the patien thank me for this no. Instead , she bitched about me loudly to everyone else on the ward from 7 am and their to their visitors and then her husband. Didn't have the energy to argue and was in too much pain so I just stuck my

Nose in the air and she proclaimed to her husband that you could tell what kind of person I was-,Morticia over there and that i couldn't leave fast enough for their liking. I felt so isolated I was so relieved when they said I could go home.

I have to go back to outpatients tomorrow and they might be putting me under to manipulate the bone sticking out of my neck like the bride of Frankenstein. Op is risky and I'm a bit scared i might...well you know! If its successfulI just hope I don't end up on the same ward!

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omg.why do others treat you like were only trying to help i have been in hospilal like you those machines are terrible drive you mad..i hope your op goes well look after yourself

bob x


Morning what a rough time you are having - ignore the silly people they are not worth bothering with= Good luck today be thinking of you xgins


morning and o.,m.g what a nasty person to treat you like this.i would have complained to staff about have a right to complain abt the damn machine if you want too.

why is it that you always get one in every ward like that.and they always are pain in butts.

you did nothing that i wouldnt have done and i would have said something to that person as well.

dont let people treat you this way,theres too many nasty people about these days..and the kind ones get treated like rubbish.

good luck with it and i so hope you get put on a ward with nicer people so you can rest.xx


I do hope the manipulation is a succsess. I too would be a bit worried. Hope all goes well. Re the thankless patient in the next bed. Sometimes you just have to feel sorry for these people. They obviously live very narrow bitter lives. Bet if you had continued to ignor the beeping, then someone would have had a go at you for that. One of those no win situations!. At the moment my smoke alarm is beeping, telling me the battery needs replacing. That is driving me mad, so hate to think what it would be like in the wee small hours when I was trying to sleep. XX


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