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ESA Medical

Afternoon all, I had my ESA medical this morning - The doctor was very nice lady (makes a change!) She asked about my original congdition (Broke my back, bulging discs, OA,OP, spinal cord compression yada yada) I then proceeded to inform her that since my last medical I had also been diagnosed with fybro and explained about the pains everywhere etc etc, she said to me that due to some parts of my condition then she is going to request that I been taken from the work related activity group and put on a higher eligibility for ESA and request that I dont have to be seen for at least another 12 months. I already have the severe disability element on the esa so what other is there??? i am confused, but apart from that it "seemed" to go quiet well xxx

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Well done - such a relief to get it out of the way and it sounds quite positive.

Julie xx


sounds like you have been put into the support group x


thank you guys xxx


Sounds like a good result, well done x


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