Fibro and college >:(

Hi all,

So I'm back off my holiday and back to pain :(

Had a meeting at college the other day with went well, and asked for another interview as my last interview for level 3 was in a carridor outside the library at break time. (Unsuitable for someone who has a hearing impairedment like myself).

So I went for another interview at the college I took with me my friend and support Rebecca from "Action on Hearing Loss" where I also do my voluntary work and Yvette her interpreter. So I went into the interview with a positive attitude, the lady was rather rude (to put it politely) said that there was only on file about my FMA, and more or less called me a liar, I however still have the emails I sent a member of staff (who no longer works at the college), stating I was going to be late or was unable to come into college due to a flare up and mentioned fibromyalgia. I did explain that I offered to get a doctors letter to prove I have FMA and was refused once I said it would cost. The main reason for not accepting me onto level 3 is because of my attendance I explained that was due to my fibromyalgia, and then I got it isn't noted I felt like saying are you calling me a liar?!

It doesn't look like I will be allowed to do my level 3 of health and social care. But what I will be looking into is Disability Discrimination on the colleges side of things.

I have noticed tonight after going out for a meal with friends that my lower back, spine and hip has been causing me pain after sitting on rather hard chairs.

Could someone give me advice on what to do please?!

Thanks xx

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  • I also would look inot disability discrimination and print out copies of your contact with a previous tutor. Any mention of your condition in your communication will back your words. Get hold of relevant medical records of yours and letters etc regarding your medical problems. The college cannot refuse you on the grounds of a medical condition alone if your grades are good enough.

    Good luck.


  • Thanks, they said my work wasn't good enough and I think there incorrect about that. I did think last night however that the college stated that I didn't tell then about my FMA yet it's on my support agreement as it asks if I have any medical conditions and I mentioned that as I remember they couldn't spell it.

    Yes I am printing the emails off as proof.


  • Hmmm, well when I did uni a few years ago, we had to achieve a certain amount of points from the first two years in order to do the third year to get the full degree. I would go through all your assignments and see how many points you have accrued and check it against their criteria.

    If they can get you on not having enough points then there is nothing you can do I'm afraid. If you do have enough then you can fight this. Ours worked on the grade given for each assignment. As each place seems to use a slightly different method, I would check your colleges system.


  • Can I ask u where is this college ,,,and does it have a lift to use instead of the stairs ,,,,

  • Yes they have lifts, it's in South Shields. Not sure if I can do it but its South Tyneside College.


  • Keep fighting hun I got my leval 3 in children and young people yes I no it was 10 years ago now but keep fighting for what you want sending hugs xxxx

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