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Foggy not exactly my head feels

sort of heavy and bunged up but I don't have a cold. My neck is wobbly but at the same time kinda stiff- I expect this is my neck having spondulitis (never could spell it) so basically feel as if I am on another planet today.

Enough I am going to be positive today. I am meeting my son and grand daughter for play time I love it she makes me smile and then if I survive I am hunting for christmas pressies and birthday pressies for our 4 little ones.

so Ho Ho Ho and of I go x gins

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Have a nice day gins :-) x

Xmas shopping..............hohoho nooooooo im dreading xmas :0( but thats a whole different story :-)

Gentle hugs x


Hi gins, did you have a nice day with your family and how's your bunged up feeling

Nicki xxx


Don't go jumping down any chimneys Gins, it's only September ho ho ho! ;) :P


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