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aches all day

dont seem to be getting any better i get my diabetes under control then get high colesterol,one thing after another,, & now ive got my two grandchildren for a week while there mum & dad go on honeymoon& ive got to go to work too & get him to school & her looked after its ok doin this but they just dont understand how achy it makes me & im constantly trierd.. its time for me to slow down i think without upsetting the rest of my children & i am going to have an extra grandchild that makes 15 altoghter.....

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try to get some rest time when you can, take each day as it comes and enjoy the little moments. Yo have to take it easy, and it will be difficult, your family will have to accept every request has 2 replies a yes or no.

perhaps soften it with compromise e.g. "I can't at the moment, but maybe next week I could..., I'll let you know."




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