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Would you like to help support our Blog Bomb this International Awareness Day 12th May2014 ? - please add your comment on the post on Monday


Hello All ! :)

International ME/Fibro Awareness Day is on Monday 12th May !

To show support for this I thought we could support the Blog Bomb idea (please google to see more information from the person who started campaign)

The suggested idea is that everyone with ME/Fibro should blog (if they have one) all on that same day! So blogs about Fibro & ME are everywhere!

I thought we could support it but starting a post and each one of us commenting about ourselves briefly and give our support. Suggested text may be the following;

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (Fibro or FM) affects at least 1-in-50 people or around 2 million people in the UK alone. Despite this, awareness of Fibromyalgia particularly in the UK remains very low. Many people with Fibro struggle to get diagnosed and lack access to effective treatments, despite there being a huge amount of research on the condition.

I have been living for Fibro for X years and I experience X symptoms. Fibro impacts on my life as I cannot do the following X and I support International Fibro Awareness day 12th May 2014. We need more awareness so we can receive adequate treatments from Healthcare Professionals & also we need understanding from the general public as a whole #May12BlogBomb

If we all fill in the Xwith our brief personal info and make one long post of support! A post that will not be locked to the community so I suggest we all copy a sentence as above & fill in the blanks X maybe

I hope you'll add the following with the information X personalised to you in support on this coming Monday - Anyone in ??

Please add you comment to the post on Monday 12th May only - Thanks

Many Thanks

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Did this a while back also, but again, it would be wonderful to see loads more blogs out there!

Thank you

Ken x

Sorry mdaisy dont understand these things, do you mean we come on here on monday and leave comment ?

Mdaisy in reply to Shazzzy

Hello Shazzy,

Exactly, Blog Bomb on Monday for Awareness Day in support of the idea suggested by a fellow sufferer on Twitter I saw recently. The more people that blog and use social media to bring attention to it, the moe awareness !

If we all leave a comment under the one specific post either your own words about how Fibro affects you and why you support awareness or the words in this post (in italics) copy &paste personalised to you, we'd be able to make a big statement. Fingers Crossed.

I think once it starts and a few people comment everyone will see the pattern & idea then follow on ! I'll start post at midnight tonight, so please look out for it tomorrow if you want to join in!

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

I certainly will, and I shall also be posting it on my craft shop blog - if anyone also wants to comment/read on there I can give you the link (but am most definitely NOT saying you should all go there and boost my web rating - this is fibro and raising awareness)

Mdaisy in reply to Lucyhobbit

Great Lucyhobbit, Thank You :) Good Idea for other blogs too !

I will certainly be doing it for all I can - thanks Emma

Foggy x

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