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had a meeting with new dr today

i was asked to make an appointment with my new gp. so off i went keeping an open mind.actually it was positive she talked about my fibro and how i was feeling, congratulated me for being so positive. Then told me that i may have to come of my blessed co codamol as they are addictive, so hve agreed to try and reduce them but i refuse to come of them they take the edge of pain. but had another good day worked half a day no probs hope it carries on love to all x x

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Hi glad you had a good experience with your GP is she not going to offer you any alternative pain killers? I think it is so important to get the best possible pain relief and good sleep to help us to cope with all the symptoms. Take Care Sue xx


How many c-codamol do you take? 8/500 or 30/500?

I take 2 x 8/500 most nights with a 600 iburopfen, takes the edge off enough for me to get some sleep; if a doctor were to take the co-codamol off me I know I would need a replacement or I'd hardly ever sleep and so starts a pretty awful downward spiral.

Julie xx


A good doctor makes all the difference, i can't take co-codamol, co-proxamol or any inflamatories as the cause extreme stomach pains so all i can only take trammadol very occasionaly and diazapam but hate being on a different planet so my saviour is amatrypltalin if i dont have that i fall apart. As for pain during the day i grit my teeth and use heat therapy or my tens depending on the kinda pain, i also swear by Ginko Baloba i actually feel intelligent ( believe me that's a hard one hehe)


i am on tramadol 12 hour release three times daily pregabalin twice a day two paracetamol four times a day and fluoxitne three times a day plus heart and blood pressure meds none of which have any impact on my pain or my inability to sleep or anything else ......... quo vadis


I take pregabalin twice a day, 3 x 60mg codeine, 2 x 500mg naproxen ,citapol, thread tablets and a stomach lining one n so far (2years) not a slightest bit of difference :)


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