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medicine for mouth

I've been taking my horrid new medicine as stated it burns like mad still and my mouth is still really sore! I rang the physio this morning after getting my letter yesterday and they have a cancellation for tomorrow morning at 9am.I had to take it as I need help soon but it sure will be an early start as it'll take at least an hour to get there on my scooter!

I took my first Amytryptaline last night.I still woke up and had nightmares but felt a little more rested.

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Oh yes, the Amy-nightmares, I never remembered mine but would wake up suddenly with my heart beating like a Victorian Miss with the vapours or something. Knowing I was terrified but not knowing by what!!

Why oh Why can't it be a nice dream instead. A tropical isle with a tall dark handsome companion. Or just life before Fibro would do.


oh dear,I had nightmares before taking the Amytriptaline.Does this mean they're going to get worse?


I have lots of weird dreams some really nasty ones I think I havn't woken up this scared since I was a child, I'm also on amitryptoline and ha ve been for years on and off every so often they change it but I always end up back on it, I take 4 at night 50mg tablets sometimes 5 they only knock me out if I take them on an empty stomach they are also to help my muscle spasms they are so bad that I look like I'm having a seizure they start in my left shin and go on from there, well I'm starting to ramble so ttfn gentle hugs . Sithy


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