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bloody grass

well came home from work and thought got to cut the grass. used to love gardening but it is a struggle now.Anyway its a petrol mower new one well lol i do not have the strength in my arms to get it started and i am a little scared of it lol.

So waited for my hubby to come home he started it for me and mowed the grass for me done a really good job so think i aam going to let him take over that job from now on. so now my lawn is cut and i am rested thank god for hubbies xx

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Webby you shouldn't be trying to do heavy work like starting electric mowers ... that, my dear, is man's work. Don't let them fool you, they love it really as you admire their physical strength and undeniable stamina .... bless 'em :-)

Julie xx


LOL, Men love cutting grass??? This one hates it and in all my years of cutting grass I would willingly have let a woman do it for me, never been given the opportunity. I can see the benefits of a flat/apartment


I live in a flat and while I have to say that I really miss having a garden, I really don't miss doing the gardening! :)


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