have you gained excess weight since developing fibro and how has it effected you?

due to a recent controversial blog earlier today, maybe people answering this question might shed some light as why we all got so defensive about the blog?

and may make others realise the effect weight gain has on us psychologically as well as physically when it occurs in a situation out of our control??

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  • yes i have , i was diagnosed two nonths ago and i have put 10 pounds on . reason being not as active as i was . i used to run round like a lunatic but have had to slow downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn xx

  • its really hard to adjust to a slower life because fibro forces it on you!!

    even harder when you see that effect in the mirror!! :-(

  • I've actually lost weight, I've posted a question about it. I'm normally too tired to eat much and get bored staring at a plate of food. The beta blockers I was on messed my appetite and even though I'm not on them now, it still isn't the same as before.

  • i guess though that the beta blockers are for another condition not fibro hun?

  • They were to control the tremors hunni xx

  • bless u, must of been a tough time for you!!!

    big but gentle hugs to u xxx

  • Thanks Nadine, I had a stroke which has left me with tremors and the wonderful fibro. Hugs to you xx

  • i just hope you have had and do have a good support network to help u xxx

  • I have put on weight due to lack of excersise as i had costochondritis then fibr & me/cfs. I have been very depressed and do not like to look at myself in the mirror, it also makes me self consious about going out socialy. I feel everyone is saying how fat i have got, i have a good understanding cousin who said in a kind way i look bloated rather than fat, i did ask her.

    When i am able i take my dogs for a walk & watch what i eat, no one has the right to judge me, especially when they do not know my situation.

    I think we are all going about our daily buisness and do not need comments from the recent blog, we have a difficult time as it is, lack of knowledge and understanding from some people can be very upsetting.

  • it is soo hard hun i really do empathise!! i have a spine condition as well as fibro and walking to my car is torture enough!!

    i think this is why i posted this, to make everyone realise that gaining weight effects us mentally as well, and taking more excersise and eating less is all very well in a healthy person with no physical or psychological problems, but for the hundreds of thousands of people who have health issues, judging us just adds to our already harder and more complicated life!!!!

    hugs to you all xx

  • My weight gain is lack of exercise too.

  • fatigue and pain is not a good combination, that also with the effects of various meds can put an end to excersise!!

    also alot of us suffer from more than one illness/disease so for alot of us excersise is impossible xx

  • Hi nadine yes i have put on weigh.I was diagnosed with FM & CFS about 7yrs ago. It gets me down and some days i could sit and cry. I supose those days are when fibro is bad or i havent slept. since having to give up work cause it was very physical i have put on about 2 stone. i try not to let it all get me down and do go swimming. exercise is difficult. xx

  • its almost a grieving process, saying goodbye to the life you had and making the best of the life you have,

    i suppose its the same for the body you used to have as well!!


  • i think you have it in one. i just wish it was easier to say hello to the life we have now. oh well at least the sun is now out here in devon that makes me feel better. xx

  • the sun makes all the difference doesnt it?

    hugs to you xx

  • No doubt - it is a grieving process - I'll feel so cheated :(

  • i have gone from a size 12 to a 16 since having fibro, i dont like the look in the mirror that greets me. Again this is due to lack of exercise, and again because of pain......i used to be on the go all the time and now cant even walk my dogs

  • and we are not the same person on the inside anymore are we? i think that changes too!!

    hugs xx

  • I was undiagnosed for years until recently when I have been diagnosed with PCOS, Endemetriosis, Costocondritis, Hypothyroidism and Fibro. I couldnt understand before why I couldnt loose weight without a great deal of struggle (exercise was and is excruciating) and I had piled the weight on through comfort eating (depression related).

    So I am over weight and doing my best to lose weight but its not easy. Thats not an excuse its a simple fact. I do my best and I refuse to be given derogatory labels simply because my best isnt always good enough when it comes to my weight.

  • it doesnt help with size zero being fashionable does it? media, models etc its all against us x

  • It seems most people with Fibromyalgia tend to put on some weight - our lives have changed quite radically in some cases. We may have gone from very active work, to having to stop working. This in itself leads to less activity, little exercise. We may not have the energy to make the lovely healthy meals we used to make, convenience foods are loaded with fats and sugars, this coupled with little or no exercise all can lead to weight gain. Also some medications can have an effect on our weight.

    I can certainly relate to mourning my life before and how slim and active I was. It's only natural to need time to acclimatise to having Fibro etc., it takes time also to adapt to a different way of life, a slower paced life perhaps. There is help and support out there, we just have to bang on a few doors to get pointed in the right direction. Getting the right medications to help manage our symptoms can make a tremendous difference to our quality of life and also give us more energy by the symptoms being relieved.

    Let's hope with warmer weather approaching us (fingers crossed after the deluge of rain over the last few weeks!) we will all feel better than we did over the Winter months. Big hugz for everyone! :) :)

  • here here!!! also alot (or most) of us have a combination of illnesses which doesnt help xx

  • I gained 5st over a period of 2 years, I put it down to being so tired and depressed that I sat down when ever I could and I didn't cook either, it was easier to get a take away! I'm now tryting to lost weight, it's really the only thing I can control right now.

  • bless you hun, its not easy is it? im a yoyo dieter so i do empathise xx

  • well i am going to wrap myself in clingfilm tonight .....lets see if i am slimmer by the morning lol xx

  • lol let me know cos if it works i will do it (try anything once lol) xx

  • I put on a stone within a month of starting gabapentin. No matter how 'sensible' I am - it makes no difference. I have noticed a real increase in appetite lately. I refuse to step on the scales - it is more about how I feel and look. Sometimes even when I look okay, I feel awful. I also have lots of water retention and bloating and the IBS just complicates managing a good diet. I have been advised to go on an alkaline diet to reduce the bodies inflammatory response. The basis of this should help with weight management as it is NO grains (including rice, pasta, oats) and increase raw veg and fruit daily. I agree about the emotional impact of weight gain - it is complicated when we have so many other body changes to deal with too. We can only focus on being a healthy weight, eating healthily, and taking gentle exercise as much as possible. I wish I could stick to the eating healthily bit - it would really help! LOL!! oh - and of course laughing has to be one of the best ways of keeping our minds healthy too .........

  • Hi guys. I too hve put on weight which really gets me down! Mine is deffo dwn to meds. I prev lost 3 stone on ww before being finally diag and put on meds and hd been maintaining my weight for over a year. Then bang 10lb on in 2wks of starting meds, hd them changed dueto reaction, now up to 1&1/2 stone on!! Gone from 14 to a 16/18 again! Well depressed. No matter what i do and i still follow the healthy eating it wont come off! I do wrk and i do push myself alot much to my downfall at times. Asked my dr but all he said was its the meds im afraid not much we can do! Im beg to hate myself in clothes again and how i look! I knw its not important in the scheme of things but its not healthy! Time to wire my jaw up i tnk lol x

  • Hi all ,

    I am the same since the winter and the meds i have put 2in's on my waist not good i think hope the summer will come soon and get out in the garden and walking again :-)

    Allan xx

  • Yes, I am also twice the woman I once was! From size 12- size 22 since 2001. I have tried healthy eating plans and do not eat as much as I did, however I cannot exercise and the weight has piled on. I am on the maximum doseage for gabapentin as well as other meds. Glad to know that I am not alone because it does get me down when people think you have problems due to your weight, not realising that the problems and the pain came first!

  • Oh so glad I'm not alone!!! I have battled wiv my weight all my life,finally lost weight wiv slimming world got down to a size 10 and then got m.e and fibro and wham bam 3yrs later I've doubled!!! Size20 I no ppl think how could u of put that in but its lack of not being able to do a lot,had to goive up work......I stay at home most of the time unless got docs or appointments at school for kids.......when i lost weight I never in a milion yrs thought I would ever gain it again :((((( I'm slightly confussed as a lot of ppl say we need to be following certain diets and eliminating things but I'm unsure where to start wiv any of that!!!! Like u have all said its hard excepting our new lifes xxxxx

  • I've lost 3.5 stone I have fibro and hypothyroidism. I did it with slimming world. I am on many drugs and I find exercise hard also although I do walk my dogs every day. It can be done don't loose heart.

  • well done you!! walking is the best form of excersise, glad someone has had success!!

    isnt hypothyroidism an overactive thyroid where your metabolism is faster?

    hugs xx

  • No hypo is the other way where u find it hard to loose weight. I tried writing a blog about it yesterday as there is a definite link between fibro and thyroid. Spent ages writing and then it wouldn't let me sign in to post it!!!

  • Hi, I'm new to the group, and have also seen my weight start to gain since being on a cocktail of drugs, Gabapentin, Amitryptyline, Duloxetine, Pramipexole, and Thyroxine to name just a few!

    I was also diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 6 years ago, not long after I became "Un-well" but no body seemed to know what was wrong with me. It's taken a move and a new Dr, whose a specialist in Fibro and its related illnesses to diagnose me with FM and has also said he feels there is a link between it and Thyroid disease, also Trigeminal Nueralgia which I also suffer with, and that a large proportion of FM sufferers also have low vit D and have to take supplements.

    Reading certain blogs on here it does appear we all share a LOT in common lol maybe one day someone will make a connection!

    Bright Blessings to you x

  • Well, I have lost weight,something i have been trying to do for years. Someone advised that I gave up wheat and dairy. It was a bit difficult to start with you just have to do a bit of research,and in five weeks have lost 10lbs. Not only that I no longer feel fatigued all of the time and the pain in my hand and wrists are better. Neck and shoulder still hurts,early days!!

  • Hello to you all, first time on site, have been reading through lots of questions and answers. it's nice not to feel alone. I've put on 4 stone in 2 years. The steroids and Gabapentin don't help, but the more I put on the less active I become as i've got Osteoarthritis too in my spine, it's a vicious circle really. .Too tired and in too much pain to exersise. I really feel for you all, try and have a nice weekend xxx

  • and you dusky, welcome to the site xx

  • Thank you nadine xx :)

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