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Dr Clare morrison diet daily mail


For any one who may be interested the above Doctor is the lady

In the mail who said that by a diet of low oxalate she now does

Not have the pain of fibro

I know we have all spoken about this before, but she has had

Such a good response that she has put a web site in the paper

She has stated that people wo try this if they don't find a difference

Within 3 weeks then it is not going to work for you so what have

We got to loss, JUST MAY BE it will

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Yes, I read this before. The problem I have with it is lack of finances. I can't afford to provide a different diet for me , we are on an incredibly low budget ( £40 a week for 3 adults ) and we have to eat cheap . Mostly just " on date " and clearance products from Asda and the like.


What a shame I do understand, just think that if it realy did help

And some one could prove that it did, they may give it on

The NHS, I know that some things like glutton free diets

The NHS give a special prescription?

I don't expect it works any way it's just a hope, but how many

Of those have we had like don't drink coffee or tea don't have

Sugar, take this vitamin or another, and none of it works.

Just nice to dream life is so miserable most of the time.


I agree with helen.we have a budget of just ten pounds a week to feed two adults and a cat and maybe my kids,when i see them.we couldnt possibly afford this diet.

I wish we we have to justify wot we buy all time.


Yes I read bowt that diet I have done the diet it is expensive I just do the best I can depending on buget, can't say it worked for me but if you read the science behind it it makes sense. Nicki x


It would be great if special diets were available on the NHS but I think the NHS budget is already stretched to the maximum.

Sammy it's a horrible way to live isn't it ? The £40 a week we have feeds me and hubby , my autistic son ( who is already very fussy with food ) our dog, cat and rabbit . Luckily the animals aren't fussy and eat the cheapest food and because we get a small amount of Housing Benefit we get reduced fee vet treatment too . All of our animals are rescue animals and are just grateful to have a safe home and some love .

I'm not even entitled to free prescriptions, I pay monthly for mine as it's so much cheaper than paying for each prescription individually.

I really hate living this way and it feels very unfair, just another blow against the disabled.


Where can we find the diet??



I have posted a reply hope it helps

Love viv


Hi,am quite new to this forum, and just like all of us I am like a dog chasing it's tail

regarding different treatments, and have spent many pounds trying anything and every thing

thinking it might just work and suffered great disappointment. but forever the optimist. I

will keep trying. I would like to try this diet. but like jeanniie, I also would like to know where to find it. thanking you Hannah



It's about a doctor who has fibro, and she has been on

It's not a diet but she has cut out foods with oxalate in

And she says that she has been well,since she has done

This. It is written by this doctor who has fibro

She wrote this first about two months ago,maybe one month

Then she wrote another one yesterday stating that lots of

People wanted to try this, she would not say that it would

Work for every one but for for her it did.and she gave a web

Site address.

I am sorry but my mail has gone to the dustbin men

But you can find lots of information about this by just

Putting oxalate in google

You can find the daily mail on line if you go

To google and put daily mail health and look

For the artical, it's just interesting, for me I will

Cut out some of the things but not all and see if it makes

A difference when you read it, it makes sence but

Then lots of things do but they don't work any things

Worth a try as fibro makes life so miserable.

Hope that what I have written is enough information

Love Viv


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