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France part 2

Well here we still are, fibro is being ok as long as I remember to take it. Thank goodness for phone alarms.

This is our first day on our own as our friends are off back to blighty today. Ros has left me her French phrase book so wish me luck!! Most French people are lovely and sign language is very good!! Also taking the dog to the vets for his pre travel check up. Poor chap, it is his birthday, but I don't think he minds.

I have to say, relaxing and sunshine are certainly helping me and even my wound and stitches from my carpel tunnel op last week is behaving.

Sending you all gentle hugs xxxxxxx

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glad you having a lovely time of it and trying out the lingo well done love to you anfd au revoiur lol love diddle x


Bon Jour! Thats about the limit of my French :)

Hope you have a great time xx


so glad i am not the only 1 who sets their phone to go off at tablet time, when she was 2 my Grandaughter used to shout tablet time as soon as she heard the alarm lol, glad the hols are helping you feel better


Thank you all. irisjoy the funny thing is my alarm at 5pm is also when I feed my dog and knows as soon as it goes off.

Relaxing and sun is certainly helping.

Au revoiur xxxxx


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