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Well i am so excited todaya s my daughter goes for a scan today at 9 15 am to find out what the sex of the baby is

we are all excited she has 2 x boys so a girl would be nice but a boy would be as nice so i cant wait to get the call apparently my 2 x grandsons are going as my daughter wants the lady to tell them that they are having a brother or a sister which is sweet

the eldest is 4 i asked him yesterday what he wanted and he said he wanted a brother and if ir t ws a sister he would put it back into mummys tummy lol and the youngest iasked him and hewouldlike a sister he is 2 so time will tell which changing mat i will be taking back i have got 2 in my bedroom a pink one and a blueone with keep calm and change my bum i bought them last week as the hop was selling out of them and my daughter loves them so i bought 2

ohell pink or blue ?????

blue or pink ????? love to you all diddle xxxx

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Hi diddles how exciting for you all :-) hope the scan goes well and the boys are happy regardless of the outcome. A baby brother would be handy for football, getting muddy wrestling, collecting frogs, worms and all the other disgusting insects that seem to fascinate boys!! whilst a little girl will bring out their protective side and learn them so much about the wicked wiles of the future women who may enter their lives and break their hearts lol.

Hope your daughter is keeping well :-)



morning good luck to all ....x


thankyou all for your wishes of good luck all my daughter really wants to hear is all is ok and normal and then its a ?????

she is keeping really well but with a 4 and 2 year old and partner 3rd kid lol she is doing well

oh well be back later now walking my doggy and going out with my sister and mum love to all and omg itis soooo hot here today it reallyis kida all trussed up uniforms bless their hearts typical love to all diddle xxx


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