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Flare up

booooomb huge flare up 9pm bang on the don't I tried my massager,irritated me tried my heat blanket not good enough,so now I got heat blanket on sweating buckets plus my tens joy oh joy got shit off ppl on fb,I thought that's were you can vent obviously not,

I accidentally was careless taking my oromorph an boom ambulance and a drug to reverse the drug, one hard leasson learnt an I knew the shit I got from fb would take it's toll "thanks friends" lol

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Best not to post too much about our frailties and mistakes on FB, there is always some plonker who thinks it is fun to poke fun or be negative.

Julie xx


Hope you feel better soon


i am so sorry you had problems on fb there are lots of nice sympathetic people on there but unfortunately some nasty spiteful ones too, Meanwhile on here there is so much empathy and help offered its much more friendly, hope you have a good day today


I hate Facebook with a veangance, it's a Troll's paradise. Don't put anything other than trivia on there because you won't get support there.

rant here where we understand and can support you.

Cheers, Midori


Thankyou all think over last few days it's just been a huge learning curve been tough going but I think I learnt the hard way,i am so tired went out for tes with in laws had right laff but my flare up started while in their so in end i was very un comfy,which was such a shame sooooo tired now I going bo bo's night night

And thanks you all for your comments xxx


We aren't comparable to Facebook Teeka, we are all the same here, in the same boat too! We all understand how each other feels. we share each other's personal experiences. We are all here to help and support each other.

We are all at varying stages of having Fibromyalgia and can draw from each other's experiences in order to help our own. I personally don't think there is anything like being with people who understand first hand how we feel - this is FibroAction! :)




Thankyou libityz that so tru we all here together as one! Share ideas thoughts feelings an get some great ideas from the prose US xxx


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