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Hi all been a while since i wrote a blog. Three years ago i had a bad fall and i landed on my back which i always say set off my fibro and me, its the most horrendous pain i have ever had but i also have extreme pain in my coccyx and stated this when ive been for scans and x-rays. I finally had another mri 3 weeks ago and go on friday for the results, i asked when i went for the scan to do my coccyx, just hope they listened to me this time ha doubt they have, well on sunday my whole hand went numb for about half an hour, has any body else had this and vomiting xx

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Hello Paula - I hope your MRI scan went well and you get the treatment that you need after the results.

Regarding numbness in your hand - any numbness needs checking out with your GP mainly to rule anything else out and also to take note of it. The best thing to do would be to see your Doctor and mention this and the vomiting too. I can't put both those things down to anything in particular, but both need discussion and hopefully your GP will be able to shed some light on this.

The vomiting might just be down to a reaction against your meds, but again needs discussing with a Doctor. Tell your GP if you have had the numbness and vomiting before and also if anything specific in your life has changed so they have the full picture.

I hope your appointment goes well for you and that you feel better soon. Take care Paula.


Thanks Liberty, ill mention when i see my consultant on friday and thank you for replying paula x


hiya im so sorry your in so much pain i suffer with degentive disc disease and its my tail end of the spine and in winter o.m.g its torture.its painful now but worse then.

ive had 6 injections into my spine but last one i had a nasty side effect.

yes both my hands go numb from time to time and so have both my legs and have been so scared i may not walk again.

i hope they get to the root of your prob soon.

i walk with a stick not crutches as they told me if i have a fall ill break my arms too nice.

you need to get it all checked out now rather than latter.i no wots wrong with my hands.

good luck and take care x


Thanks sammy ive got bulging of the discs and osteoarthritis in my back too, theres really not much more can go wrong with my back and really dont know how much i can take x hugs to you hun and thanks paula x


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