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how meany people work with fribo

how meany people work with fribo as i had to give up work and finding it hard as i got th lower rate disability but have had my esa taken a way from me and have a young familiey and have a high morage and my hubby works full time but it still not enough i am thing of going back to work but even day to day jobs are bad as the pain is so bad in my hips/back/legs and on meds but i am not copeing with all this

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not so much on how many of us work but more of would it be right for you ..

Have you appealed the esa I know form being a member of this sight lots of people have to it seems part of the new goverement rules ( you only had to watch the news on the para olimics protests )

Try Citisens advice see if they can help in the mean time i wish you gentle dyslexic hugs

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I work, but it's not a nice way of life, I only work 22 hours a week

I work as a nurse, occy health sat that I must work one day on

One day off

I take lots of medication before I go to work, and when I

Finish I have to go home and lay down, the day after

I don't get up until mid day and then I just sit all day not

Much of a life and when I am on holiday I seem then to get

A flare I don't have a young family and don't think I would

Manage if I had

Love viv


I used to work full time but to be hones I worked, slept and that was it apart from crying a lot in pain. I now work from home working for myself anf claim tax credits it is the only way for me to have any life and enough money to live on.

There is no easy answer to your dilema I am afraid.


I am a lucky one and still work full time, although there are times when it kills me to get there let alone do a days work. As Lexie said its more about finding what you can do work wise, I was working for the ambulance service as an emergency call taker but the stress of the job along with the shift pattern (2 early starts and 2 very late finishes before 4 days off) made the condition so much worse. I now do a mon-fri 9-530 job and things are so much better, i have proper time to rest although it usually means my weekends are spent sleeping or resting. Dont give up, go back to your GP and see if they can change the meds you are on getting the right ones makes the world of difference. Take care sending gentle fibro hugs.


Hey, I agree with Lexie, It's about whats right for you. We are all different, different symptoms to varying degrees. Do whats right for you and your family. I would agree, get some advice and support from citzens advice.

I am lucky enough, (due to symptoms and degree) to be able to work full time, but do not start till 12 each day, this flexability really helps me, as mornings & bedtime seems to be my worse time. I must admit when I am finished or on weekends, I do tend to rest and recharge my batteries lol. Its hard juggling with all the other chores of live, ( I too don't have young children

(so just can imagine the extra pressures, must be tough)

On a positive note (again this is personal to me and in no way I am implying would work for all x)

Work gives me a focus and due to work has forced me to manage my fibro and generally look after my self more.

How ever hard some mornings are (trust some days its blinking tough) I push my self through and once I am there and in the thick of it, I love it.

I have also learnt to be honest (with my self and colleagues) if I cant do it, or if am having bad day I am honest (hard part is being honest with myself and coming to terms with my limits).

Work has helped me through this.

Good Luck hun and do whats right for you and your family. Have a happy sunday. Lou x


its not an issue about who works its about you can you work. we are all different and suffer in different ways. I work do not know for how long as i have been off for eight weeks as i could not cope. I know i would be in trouble if i left work even though my hubbie would be able to provide for us both. its my loss of independence that would affect me the most You have a family to take care of mine are grown up children alone can be and are a full time job. can you clain family tax credit. or talk to your bank about your maortgage payments. its best to act ealry if you are struggling. I hope you are feeling a litte more positive soon its not your fault you are ill life is hard enough without this damn illness xxx



I worked for the first 5 years of fibro, but lost the ability to do so after having shingles and developing a neurological disorder with it. I am now unable to work as no employer would consider me with my disabilities, so I have started something I can do for myself, as I am not ever going to get past atos esa tests unless i am dead! Its tough but there are quite a few hidden options, I suggest part time rather than full time and maybe look into tax credits if combined salary will allow.

All the best NN :)


I am currently meant to be working full-time but in reality I'm managing about three days on a good week. I'm thinking of retraining and becoming a counsellor, as I could fit the hours in when I'm able to.

You could possibly work from home or retrain for a more flexible career, but I would appeal the ESA decision and could also appeal on the DLA front as well.

Only do what you are able to - your health must come first, especially if you've got little ones that need you.

Big hugs x x


Hi, I don't work because of how I feel. I have tried trading binary options or fx from my iPad in bed over last two years.I've made money but also lost it. I have given up on that option now as I just find that the level of concentration to do it beats me in the end and after a few weeks of it I just can't sustain the concentration and don't want to try anymore. Don't think I have any money making options left unfortunately.


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