My boil that isn't

My boil that isn't

Well here goes friday evening at about half 6 I noticed what had been a normal spot had now changed it looked nasty so I cleaned it with dettol I noticed it had gone hard below the Skin not that I could do anything as it wasn't an emergency I was gonna have to wait till Tuesday in other words today well I went to the dr's turns out its not a boil but a ruddy subcutanius sist so now on antibiotics have to go back in a week probably have to have it cut out Dr says it will leave a biggish scar told him I didn't care so long as it was gone looking forward to that as chest hurrts like hell feels like I've been punched through from front to back as if I didn't have enough to cope withh sorry about this only so many times my husband will let me rant or moan and sorry abouut spelling mistakes haatd to concentrate when hurting isn't it well had my moan so thanks all.

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  • Sthandra no need for apologies hearing each other rant is all part of being in the fibro family, if you can't do it here where could you. Ten years ago I had what looked like a boil on my bum, went to the doc who said it was a small boil and gave me antibiotics, it was eswechating (hope you get what that ment to say lol) pain, I rang him later that day as it was getting worse, he told me to give the meds chance, within 2 days I was taken by ambulance as it was a absese had to operate to remove, then packed everyday with full crete bandage, so you can imagine. so I fully get where your coming from fingers crossed all goes well smiles and hugs xx

  • Yea I had a boil on my bum right next to my anus ouch putting a dressing on was fun my hubby had to cos luckily it popped on its own that made sitting hard work I can tell you sorry you had such pain with your absese . Hugs for you to

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