I have had an awfulnight so whats new lol i have been rolling around and up and down stretching out trying to get comfy and get some sleep but no so in the end i get up at 4.30 am you all know what i am talking about dont you ???

well today i am helping my sister in her beauty room today she was off last week on holiday and so she is stacked out today so i will goand help her just get bits ready book people in answer the phone take the money etc etc so that is my day but i dont mind as my partner is really busy with his work so we would not be doing anything anyway

i do hope that you all have a really lovely day love to you all diddle xxx

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  • Morning Diddle I think the opposite is true as well so we have no escape it is a little like "do as you would be done by" but there are times you have to do it anyway and suffer the consequences. Have a good day x gins.

  • thanks you too it is just that a memeber once put on my blog that she used to be like me in denial really and went about her dauily business like a whirlwind then the wind stopped and she was hardly able to walk so she said to me please listedn and pace yourself so you can do a little and often where as the way i am going i will do alot for a little while then wont be able to do anything

    which i think she was very honest and telling it how this fibro is t is very difficult though i do try to resyt more now but i woll learn one dayu but hopefully before it is too late

    love to you enjoy the beautiful sun that we have today but i will be ion my sisters beauty room so will miss it all but there you go my sister needs me so she comes first love diddle xxx

  • Good morning Diddle,

    You are such a kind person helping your sister out, especially with our illness.

    I wish my sister lived closer to me (she lives in Canada) and i haven't seen her since our Dad passed away and that was in 1995, but we do phone each other every month.

    Take care and don't overdo things

    Bonnie Lass

  • aw thankyou i love my sister to bits will do anything for her and she looks after me well and treats me all the time love to you diddle x

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