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Morning everyone, Do any or all of you wake in the night and be in so much pain that you cant move? My back is agony and I can hardly turn over it is the same when I have to get up in the morning. I am as stiff as a board and in so much pain. Sorry to ask but this is all still new to me and it seems to be getting worse. thank you

soft hugs

Penny xxx

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  • you are fine this is why he site is so fantastic for everyone you can ask these things no need to feel embarrased or silly about anything it is all new to many of us although i have had it about 2 year only diagnosed last juky and i cant believe tha i learn something every day about this fibro it is amazing

    i am like you i can wake in night if i get to go to sleep and my arm or leg is fused an i hace to like crack them to move them it is horrible it really is

    mind uyou i must look a right old siight doing it lol love diddle x

  • *gentle hugs* Penny :) Yes I have been where you are many a night. Try to slowly and gently stretch out where you are hurting. Maybe ask your doctor to show you some gentle stretches specific to YOUR pain.

    Fibro is different for every single person. We all have similar symptoms but some may have some symptoms where others have different pain in different areas. Then there is drug side effects lol. Same thing. Some people do well with some drugs, others can't tolerate this or that drug at all.

    It's a long painful process to find the right things that work for you. So make sure you talk to your doctor A LOT. Befriend your pharmacist! He/she knows more about drugs than any other professional because that is their job. In fact, make sure you see the same pharmacist all the time if at all possible. Communicate with your pharmacist even, what your experiences are with this or that drug. My pharmacist does a yearly profile go-through with their customers even, where possible and only if you want to. What drugs are they no longer taking, what supplements and so on.

    Communication and being active in your own health plan for the future will help you so very much! And don't take no for an answer. If your doc doesn't know the answer or won't help, find one that does! Or a resource online. Again, back to that Pharmacist. Ask him/her what other medications he is aware that fibromyalgia patients are trying in his store. My pharmacist spoke to my doctor on the phone even, to talk about a drug new to her. So far this is the ONLY one that is dealing with the majority of my pain.

    If you have epsom salts at home, that is always a huge help for me even during my worst pain. 2 heaping handfuls and 15-20 mins in the bath will help some, I promise!

    Sunshine and smiles,



  • hI penny

    yes i am in pain through the night i try to have quite a few pillows and a v shaped pillow for my neck. Have you tried placing pillows around your body to help i have one between my knees which helps with my hip pain. and i sometimes place one under my knees for my back and any where else that i think may help.

    Try and get your medication sorted so that you don't have long gaps between. there should be some pain management courses or a pain management team to be referred to. I use topical gel which is quite good called deep relief and heat packs and tens machine. I have started using magnet therapy as well. Hope you have a better night tonight.hugs lesley x

    ps i also use epsom salts and salt in the bath to help.

  • Hi penny, yes this i sthe same as me hun. :)

    I have to use a bed lever to help pull myself over in bed as it hurts too much to be able to myself. I did buy a new bed as my back and ribs were so sore i didnt sleep when my pain killers wore off. Its not as bad at the minute as i go through phases with hun.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • yes am with u on this am ellen and i have had this pain for 20year the docters sent me to see agyaecolgy and i was uner them for years till in june they give me a full hysterectomy , thinking this would end all my trouble little did i know that was just being of more and more pain , its like a knife in the lower middle part of ur back past day it goes so num because of the pain , but i live with it day in day out night sleep an hour if that even with sleeping piss its a joke , so my heart is with u as if feels like ur dieing but life still goes on i have to and i cry to my self as its hard to let other know how u feel , as i have put my kisa thought so much because of this pain , i could go on and on love ellen xx

  • Thank you all so much for your comments I am sorry you all suffer but nice to know I am not alone. It is so hard to cope with the pain and hopefully once I have the right amount of pain relief it will be better tho I seem to be on alot already. will try the pillows and look at a bed lever. I am trying hard not to let it get me too down

    soft hugs to you all xxx

  • I have awful problems at night cant turn over and wake up feeling ive been run over by a bus

  • Yes thats exactly it really fed up with it and it is getting me down xx

  • Yes, I'm the same. Have to grab hold of my brass headboard and that helps me to turn over, When I have my breakfast in bed, my husband has to help me sit up and put another pillow behind my head. Some days its not as bad as other. Blinking nuisance though.

  • It is a right nuisence, I lie there in pain but I know if I move try and turn over it is so so much more painful I have to gear myself up to turning it is so frustrating when all you want to do is be able to move more easily

    soft hugs

    Penny xxx

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