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I went to my parents this morning and they gave me a traditional Bakewell Pudding and you know me it was earen as soon as i got home it was so sickly and yummy yummy i have got another one in the cuboard to eat but will save that until monday

i hope you have all had a lovely day ? it is the best par of the day here at the moment with blue sky and brilliant sunshine and all the kiddies in the street are playing out it is lovely hearing them i wish i had all their enegy love diddle xxx

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aah diddle .im glad it was so nice.we had a amazing day thanks and sun came out too.ive just eaten a chicken salad and then a cream muffin and im hoping im not ill with it again tonite like last nite.

we dont see any kids playing out on this street there are kids but dont see or hear them.

just cars at back of our garden going past..



oh thays a nice yea you had yes i hope that you dont suffer later well if you doat least you got a lovely partner to look after you which is nice

we didnt have any kids for a while as my girls were the kids and few others then they all grew up and now we got another batch shall we say it lovely to hear them playing games and running around not got a care in the worlsd at that age i often look at them and think what is to become of you in your life ??? it is funny isnt it how we all have a path to walk on with different stepping stones and we walk across them to different area s of our lives

oh well bit deep for a sunday lol so you enjoy your evening and i will eat my other bakewell tart on monday

lots of love to you diddle xx


O.M.G! That sounds soooooo good! My tummy is rumbling! A.x


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