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Been up since 5ish pot of teeea back up pears PJ Sunday!!! ;-)

Laid in bed again and god my hubby snoorrres so loud!!

Lol i am feeling very tired again so will tape him up ;-) so i can sleep.

I was wiiide awake 2 hrs ago now my lids are shutting.

Will be back to see whats on and who's on.

Built lovely friends on here so far.

I reply to what i can relate or help with or just give a hug to.

Sometimes theres odd ones that are difficult to answer as not got an answer to everything as much as i wish!! Xxxx

Happy Sunday or more like lazy relaxing pj sunday as thats how i always am!! Unless going out for dinner.

I am a busy busy fairy most of time so am aloud me thinks. What is everyone doing

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happy sunday back fairycazzie.

im lucky my fella dont snore but he has weird dreams instead.

enjoy your restful sunday normally we stay in p,js but not today got nasty landlord coming round.



Ohh no sammy! What for ? Don't get changed for them! You say having off day ( we say rough on sunday everyone thinks Hangovers or just lazy gits lol)

How many times i hear it and i cannot be bothered explaining that

'actually' no am not well.

Whats the point lol

Well get him sorted out! Inbox if not want to post



hi and hope you get some sleep lo,l i am lucjy i sleeepalone my partner never stays anymore as i am so restless at night itis not fair so he goes home so no snoring lol perhaps you should put hubby in another room or house lol like the shed bless him

ii hope oyu have a nice day anyway not as nice as mine with bakewell tart in it yummy yummy cant believ i am so excited about a cake ha ha

but then i am well known on here for eating a whole carrot cakein one sitting

love to you diddle xx


Haha Diddle i wish!! Yes i remember i think you mentioned before but its so so difficult to remember everyone i just recognise the familiar names more than anything.

Rite nap time as am flushing too at minute hmm xx

Catch up sooon xx


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