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I went to my local cab on the advce of my gp. Not only did they not want to help me with anything, but they mad me cry, when one of the women that worked at the office phoned me and shouted down the phone because i didnt attend one of the meetings.She didnt now that id had a bad night with pain, but then again i didnt get the chance to explain.Needless to say i wont be going back, and as i live in powys and there isnt another cab for miles i guess i wont get any help. O well i will just have to contiue working till i drop.

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Oh dear Sicknote I am so sorry to hear that. Normally the staff at any CAB are great, so willing and so helpful. I've visited a few in different towns and cities over the years and have never been disappointed. It's very unfortunate your experience was not good. Did you speak to anyone about it?!

I hope you feel able to try again when you feel up to it. Believe me they aren't all bad. It's a very useful port of call normally. Their entire focus is normally to help.

It would be interesting to hear of other members' experiences with the CAB, I would hope that most found it a reasonably helpful experience.

Could you contact your local CAB any other way other than popping in?!


hi I am sorry you dot such a neg responce. I have not been for years but a friend of mine who is so depressed she not opening mail went and they were great ans are still being soooo supportive..

maybe this one was having a bad day ( no exuse ) do try again or go to a different one . they are mostly voleneers so please give them another chance ..

maybe go with a friend

gentle dyslexic hugs


although c..a.b have been good with me there was one who got me into trouble when filing out my d.l.a claim and added bits to it that werent true and i got pulled on it by d.l.a and lost my money.

but in general if you explain when you ring up to book about your illness and everything they are great and sympathetic.

i would really ring up again and tell someone wot this lady did>?can you remember her name as well?she had no right talking to you like at a all?

she might have been under pressure but that still doesnt give her the right?

please dont give up?its there as a service to help people not drive them away and cause more problems


Sicknote don't give up on them perhaps that one lady was just having a bad day and treated you wrongly. I can see why it would put you off from phoning again, so can I suggest you write to them explaining your situtaion along with your phone experiance with them, so they get time to see and diguest what you are saying and give them your phone number so they can call you, its is important that you get help xx


I would complain to the manager about her attitude. C.A.B workers are supposed to be non-judgemental, and to make allowances for people's illnesses. Alternately, you could probably make a complaint via their website. Worth A try.

Cheers, Midori


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