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Afternoon baking done but............oh no who

"Was it you "I asked my partner " did you eat my cakes I made 24 and left them there" pointing to the top of the cooker.

Well he hadn't but I have discovered the thief we have a visitor with us for a couple of months a rather charming very tall "Labradoodle" called LUNA it would seem she likes my baking and with a rare elegance she has been stretching over and pinching the cakes and eating them and the evidence no paper no crumbs!

Eve now when I have moved the 12 that are left she keeps trotting past peeping to see what is there! LOL my partner is very irate - I cannot stop chuckling - Hey ho well I shall not be baking again for A WHILE :) X GINS

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ohhh LOL but ohhh nooo my neighbour has a black labradoodle called Molly.

I had a customer who had a white male one too forgotten his name at moment ohps fog i guess.

Good job still a dozen left she not daft is that LUNA she wanted half a dozen to make it even :-/ hehehehe ohhh after all that hard work too !

it could of been worse !! ther could of been NONE

smiles and chuckles too ;-) cazzie xx


Tee hee that is brilliant I can just imagine her creeping up and eating them, this has made my evening * chuckles uncontrollably*

Hugs to all xxx


Ah this really made me chuckle :) they're cleverer than we think! Bless xx


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