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Personnel Fibro breakthrough with meds

I was diagnosed with fibro at the age of 20 and I am now 41. After all these years of unsuccessful trials with different meds. I have this year finally found one which my body is responding to. I have fatique, trigger points,poor digestion with frequent IBS, poor sleep, brain fogging, eye vision floaters. Headaches. Muscles spasms and falling over a lot. Mood swings, Basically on a really bad day, all I could manage was sleep. Not a good thing for a mother of 4 active kids.

I went to doctors as my special needs child was getting me down and i needed help and i was prescribed Prozac. The funny thing was for the first 4 days of taking the meds i was in total agony and had to stay in bed as i just couldn't function. It felt like my body was fighting a battle, spasms galore! After the fourth day, i woke up after having a dream (something i have not done before, as far as i could remember). My head felt clearer, my body was weak and stiff but my shoulder, neck and arms felt different. The muscles were softer. My eye vision was clearer and brighter and had less floaters. It was a very strange feeling. The next night I fell asleep quite quickly but was awoken with the scariest feeling like my matteress was eating me. I woke my husband as i was concerned. After a few more nights of this weird sensation which occured on and off, it occured to my husband that my body was actually relaxing into the mattress. Having never experienced this before it was a strange tingly feeling which was amazing. I am still training my body to "relax" and to let the tension go, but im getting better at it. My brain fog and fibro and eye floaters still occur if i dont take my meds in time and the bad feelings do take a few days to "wear off" if my meds are taken exactly on time. On days when i need to be concentrating in the evening time then i have to pop an extra prozac pill to keep my body going as i definetly get a dip at 2pm and then around 5pm. If a pill is not taken the eye floaters apear and then my fibro creeps into my body and i am aware of the muscles and tendons, battling into spasms again and the brain fog comes back so i can't even get my words out in the right order, let alone think what i'm supposed to be doing and sleep deprivation returns. The dose i am on is 60-80mg Prozac, anything less results in fibro seeping back like a wave at the beach floating over me.

Has anyone else tried and found Prozac to work? If so, what's your experience? What are your views on my experience.

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I've not tried Prozac but would also be interested in hearing what others might say who have tried it. I use Amitriptyline when needed.


I tried amitriptyline, it did relax the muscles but the brain fog increased a lot. Could drive when on it as i felt like i was in a bubble and the world had slowed up.


hi and so glad you have got yourself sorted must be really nice after all those years of suffering . i had prozac years ago when i had a bout of depression and it was ok but not had since fibro x oh well i do hope you carry on as you are it is nice to hear someone who is fetting it sorted and such a posotive blog it lovely to read love to you diddle x


I get amitriptyline as well but i must remember to take them in early evening or i am really groggy in the morning until midday, i also take citalopram for depression ,


I haven't tried Prozac, But Amytriptilline didn't suit me at all. I kept having dreams of sitting on the toilet, more than a bit risky! Am currently on Nortryptilline, but it doesn't seem to be doing a lot.

Cheers, Midori


Im not saying im perfect but life now is kinda bearable. I only have 1 in 7 days where the tireness takes over and is too much and i just have to rest but as long as i pace myself im def getting there. And after years of being in such awful constant pain its like a miracle. My only fear is that when i dont have a good day i then worry as i really dont want to go back to the daily +++++ pain and falling over lark...I havent fallen over for at least two months now!!! i used to fall over or stumble daily.....and thats without alcohol in my


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