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have i missed something?

i don't know what the falling out issues were with some people on here? including admin and would likt to say i am sorry to hear,it nobody's going to get along 100% forever, it's human nature to fall out but it is also great when people kiss and make up so to speak,i wish people on both sides of the situation best wishes and maybe it will all come good somehow and you can make up if not best wishes,remember fibromyalgia is a enemy on it's own which is hard enough to deal with....

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hi i could not agree more and dont worry it is all being dealt with by the proper people love to you diddle xx


thats good news then i hope it has a happy oucome for all those involved x


hi i am new to admin and i agree its great to move forward ... we are volenteers and its scarry and lots of resoncibility with FMS and lifes as we all do xx

thanks for support ...

dyslexic hugs


Hi 'lectric,

Well said! It's upsetting when people fall out, but as you say, we're all human and we can't agree all the time.

I guess the secret is to remember that we all have a right to our own opinion, and we mustn't be upset if someone disagrees.

If a person were to act really unpleasantly, I'm sure that Admin would jump on them from a great height!

Hugs, Moffy x


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