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Just got in from taking doggy up the road sky went black then jus as i opened the front door ther were huge hail stones thundering down lucky they did not hit me they would have really hurt and i would have probbaly ended p with a bruise i could not believe it have i missed the summer and bben in hibernation last thing i remenber iwas not sleeping well but have i been asleep for months and woke up again in winter?

now i am looking out the sky is so blue the sun is beaming down i dont know i get confused enough as it is without the weather playing tricks on me lol love to you diddle x

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sorry to say you might have however you never know it might sneek back when schools are back so in wales thats next week so fingers crossed xx gentle dyslexic hugs


ha ha our kids went back to school today after easter hols well not minre they are 19 and 25 but my nieces have gone back love to you diddle x


yes maybe we are all in an alternative reality and weve all been asleep for months lol :)

it feels like it anyway lol ,come on summer ! xxxx


You have missed summer diddle, we had those 2 glorious weeks in March and I reckon that was it .

Last year we had 2 hot and sunny weeks in April and the rest of the summer was pants .

I guess Britain peaked too soon !



"like " lol

i think your probably right :)


Wouldn't it be nice to hibernate, we wouldn't have to worry about not sleeping then ! x


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