Hi everyone I thought I would share this link again wikihow.com/Help-People-New...

I have shared this link on a previous comment I made, and realised it would be great for everyone to see again,

Especially has lots of people are searching for info to share with families and friends so they will have a better understanding.


We all struggle with the misunderstandings of others in regard to our fibro and I think by passing on this link and information to our friends and families I think and hope they will have a better understanding of how to help us and how to understand!

And hopefully eliminate the frustration we feel.

I hope everyone will have a look at it and make use of it?

Best wishes and soft hugs to everyone. Xx

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  • Thanks for the link

  • Thank you x

  • Sorry I had to laugh while reading the artiicle.... It was very informative ... But the adds interspersed ... Make your will , A living will, ummm we have fibro as far as I knew I wasn't expecting to pop my clogs anytime soon with fibro it's just an inconvenience not life threatening....but thank you for posting the link it is very good if you just skim past the adds :)

  • Ha ha I know the ads are a little controversial, and not quite appropriate, it.s best not to look at them & wear blinkers! Lol ;))

  • yes i think this link should be forwarded to the goverment so they can send it to dla and atos assessments and tribunals:)

  • Yes I think you are absolutely right, I think I might just do that, firstly I must find the right address , email to make sure it gets to the right person!, do you have any tips? To make sure it does?, soft hugs xx

  • got sure how to go about it but there must be a way any anybody else know how to? XXXX

  • Thanks for the link a most interesting page for those who are helping sufferers. xgins

  • I've only just come across this post today as i only get the daily email updates and there doesn't seem to be anything on that link. As much as I like my GP I don't think he is all that up on fibro he is very helpful but I would love something to show him…. without being too patronising of course, i don't want to tell my gP how to do his job or ask him how much he knows about fibro. Because this is only just one of my problems i just get the feeling he steers away from commenting about it. I'm wondering if another referral back to the pain clinic would help me at the moment.

    shame i seemed to have missed the article xx

  • Hi fibro, I just seen your post, the link is working I just tried it, if you just click on my first post, ie at the top of this page the one in blue it will work for you, and hopefully it will be very helpful for you, good luck and soft hugs.xx

  • thanks for that my computer must have had a hissy fit or something…. nothing new in this house lol xx

  • Lol, my pleasure xx

  • Thank you to everyone for your thank you.s, I am so pleased this link is proving helpful, it is good to see everyone is liking it,

    I showed it to my hubbie and it has had a great impact!

    He has always been understanding but oh boy he has really taken note and I am getting a greater understanding from him and so much more help! ;))

    I am also going to show my gp and pain consultant next time I see them, maybe they may sit up and listen for once!?........

    Best wishes to everyone and I hope you all get the same impact has I have had!.....

    Soft hugs

  • Thanks spidergirl for sharing this with us. Very good read!

    Gentle hugs xx

  • My pleasure

    Soft hugs xx

  • Thank you so much form this article - you've no idea what it means to have something to show a husband who is only just, after about five years, accepting that I'm not malingering/exaggerating/being lazy etc.etc.

    Thank you



  • Hello Galadriel, I am so pleased you can show this article to your husband, I hope it proves to be for you a very powerful and helpfully article:))), good luck and best wishes,

    Soft hugs xxx

  • If I thought my boss would read this, I'd give it to her! xx

  • Do it! .....hand it too her she will have to take notice.... Surely?..

    Good luck and best wishes

    Soft hugs xxx

  • enough said!!!! should be given to gp's etc so it is known and us , we , dont need to suffer anymore!!!

  • Very well said! You are right we should not have to suffer the misunderstanding s of others anymore!! Why don.t they get it!?, gp.s should be made to understand this condition and what we have to suffer especially their misguided comment s they make to us, someone has to make a stand to this,

    does anyone know how we can get this article circulating to the right people to get it noticed?

    Soft hugs xx

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