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Hi everyone I thought I would share this link again

I have shared this link on a previous comment I made, and realised it would be great for everyone to see again,

Especially has lots of people are searching for info to share with families and friends so they will have a better understanding.

We all struggle with the misunderstandings of others in regard to our fibro and I think by passing on this link and information to our friends and families I think and hope they will have a better understanding of how to help us and how to understand!

And hopefully eliminate the frustration we feel.

I hope everyone will have a look at it and make use of it?

Best wishes and soft hugs to everyone. Xx

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hi spidergirl,thankyou so much such a brilliant article from someone who seems to know what they are talking about


Hi irisjoy i am pleased you liked the article, hope it will be useful for you?.

Soft hugs x



Brilliant and so true, brought tears to my eyes, I wish some members of my family would read it I'm bookmarking it in the hope of it being read, thanks and best wishes xxx


Thanks have posted it to my facebook page hoping my friends read it. x


I am okay as afr as people understanding with my family and friends. But it a great link for those struggling to say how it all affects them xxxxx


hi spidergirl,thankyou so much such a brilliant article


Hi Spidergirl, thanks so much for this link, it helps a lot, I am have my boss come and see me later this week and have sent him this also as it helped my family understand, so thought it might open his eyes a little about how much we (myself and my family) are trying to do to be able to live with this awful condition, and that we are trying our best to understand!!

Thanks xxx


Hi everyone,

sorry I am a bit slow in replying, was having quite a bad day yesterday,

I am so pleased this article is being helpful for you all,

best wishes to everyone and let's hope we can get people to understand this fibro hell better

Soft hugs xx


hi spidergirl brillant artical, i know it sounds silly, i have printed, an put along my wardrobes, for all my family to read, an try an understand how i,m feeling, brought tears to my eyes, well done to you, was lovely reading, what i carn,t explain xx


Hi, deby10,

I am so pleased you can use the article, it is very interesting, and I hope it proves to be very useful for you, many best wishes and soft hugs to you xxx


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