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Last word from me!!

Hi All

I have not been on in a long time as had a long bad flare with either pain or total exhaustion, depression and family concerns.

So obviously I have again missed most of what has been going on here but for a long time now there has been bad feeling and problems between members and admin.

Now when i first joined this site was a godsend and had much support from a lot of members (many of which are no friends on my Facebook account thankfully-so i don't lose all the support).

Everyone originally was like a family on here and we always had each other to turn to but the atmosphere on here no is something I do not think any of us need.

I wish all of you on here many happy stressfree days and hope you all get the support you deserve but as for me I am trying to be as positive as I can -I know I will still get a lot of down days, and painful or exhausted days, but sometimes this site is as negative as people who do not understand our condition. So I think I Will limit the amount of sites I join and just stick to making a few but good friends on one or to sites.

Best Wishes to you all. Many Many Thanks for the support from those of you who has been on as long as me and kept me going with your comments.


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Hi Kia it`s Jayne from facebook,lovely to see you on here and thanks for the laughs with the bits you put on facebook.

Take it you can`t sleep hun hope that coz of the heat and not too much pain.

I`m sure this will all sort out soon but some people have rightly felt hurt by things at the mo.

Try and rest sweetie we all need what beauty sleep we can get.

Love and hugs Jayne aka Butterfly54 xxxxx



I was away when some of this issues/bad feeling started so i feel lucky and sad ..

I feel like a big supportive family when i started as a volenteer i was so pleased but with any family there are disagreements and miss comunication but how sad would be to disband ..

We have a huge fast growing community and i would be sorry to see any member go xx

gentle dyslexic hugs


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