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hello :)

hello everyone ,

hope all is well hmmmmm

anyway going to be taking a step back from here ,

its helped me sooo much but and i have made lots of friends and learnt loads :)

im on facebook if you want to keep in touch ,would be nice :-D

lyndsey chapman :)

lots and lots of gentle hugs to everyone who has helped me laughed with me and given me advice thank you all :) :) :) :-P :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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As we're already friends on there Lynz........ I'll catch you there !



Aw Lynds will be sorry not to hear from you on here but I will try and find you on facebook as it would be really good to keep in touch. Take care, love Angela xx


Do you know how many people with your name is

On Facebook

It was very nice to meet you I hope that you pop in

Some times for a cup of tea and a slice of cake and

Just to say that you are not in to much pain.

Thanks for being here for me I don't know

How I ever manged without you guys, it's like

Now husband asleep, me as usual cant sleep

So you guys are keeping me sain, well as sain

As we can be which at times is bonkers to say

The least,

Love and good luck on facebook


i have the same pic as on here :)


See you on facebook Lynz hope your O.K hun.

Hugs Jayne xxxx


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