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want to brighten up if possible ??? jokes posting

would anyone be fussy.. i just thought could post the odd ones as some are just too much for here but i can inbox any if you want any but i hope you have an 'open mind'

I love a good laugh and especially the silliest of paddy jokes or something simple..

Although many have swear words and rude things.. so if you want any please say 'inbox'

for the not so clean versions .

Or post for the OK jokes lol

Happy Friday me am shattered and just need to deter myself from the issues

xxxxxxxxxxxxxcazzie xxxxxx huggles you all but fully understanding and not offended if none can be posted!!!! xxx

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hi i would love to hear them so inbox please x


hi fairycazzle I would like both anything that makes the day easier and happier is o.k with me take love beth xx


Ive posted jokes on here b4 myself as i'm a gr8 believer in laughter as the best medicine. So im all for it. :-))) x


Please feel free to start a Jokes thread, I am sure many members would love a daily giggle! :) :D


Would love it please :) xxx


And in box please. hope you rest good xx


laughter being the best medicine & all that you would have to work really hard to offend me (my girls tell me i'm warped & must have been dropped on my head as a baby lol) - so that's a challenge 4 you! :)


Oh, jokes would be SOOOO good. It's sometimes difficult to retain a sense of humour when all your bits hurt! Waiting in anticipation

Squeezles ... Moffy x


Did anyone watch Peter Kays 'The Tour That Didn't Tour' Tour on TV on Friday?? OMG I haven't laughed that much in ages!!! I recorded it and it's on Keep, so worth another watch.

One of his one-liners - 'What do you call a Welshman with a stick up his a*s*?' A Taffy Apple :-) :-) :-)

I.m sure it'll be on IPlayer, or You Tube or somewhere online, it is absolutely hysterical


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