Duloxotine advice b4 I take them

Hi everyone, just been to docs after coming of citalapram , docs giving me duloxotine 40mg per day to start, she's said it's proven to have success with fibroymialga , however after just spending two wks with withdrawal I'm terrified of starting new tabs , she said there quite strong antidepressant and I should benefit once in my system, input please as want to be seen to be helping myself, advice needed please before I put these drugs in my mouth !!!!! I work and have little one

Thanks all much love Nicki x

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  • Hi Homer,

    I have been using Duloxotine for about a year find them very helpful and calming. I have Fibro amongst other things and they help balance my emotions out I still cry at the drop of a hat but I am getting used to that.

    Good luck with them x gins

  • If your ever worried about side effects try taking meds at night at least you get some sleep so don't notice side effects as much hugs xx

  • Some info on Duloxetine for you, hope it helps -


  • Many thanks x

  • I felt dreadful on Duloxetine, so came off it, yet I have a couple of Fibro friends who think it's wonderful. I guess it's really a case of trying it & see how you manage with it. Just because you've had a previous bad experience, it doesn't mean that this will be.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks, don't get me wrong I've had many successful years on anti d's ,it's cos it's strong and new, il give them a go and see

    Nicki xxxx

  • I was on Duloxetine for a fortnight earlier this year. It made me very sleepy and I was out for the count most mornings, only surfacing at lunchtime. I was then more woolly-headed than usual. My GP felt that I'd do better increasing my Amitriptyline instead, so I came off the Duloxetine. I don't know anybody else who's tried it, but all you can do is suck it and see, as with any medication. Keep a record of things if you're worried. I presume your GP wants to see you for a review within the next month?

  • Hi, I've just started it today! Prescribed by psychiatrist but he knows I also hope it will help the fibro. Will keep you posted.


  • Please let me know as its the starting side affects that bother me, good luck

    Regards Nicki x

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