Hi everyone, Sorry not posted much lately. Two weeks ago was sat in the lounge at 10 to 8 having my morning brew, watching Sky news when BANG.... a van came through the wall demolishing the front of my Grade II listed cottage, it was one heck of a scare and on opening my eyes I thought I had been transported to Beirut. Anyway folks I am here to tell the tale only because of the railings outside my home which the van demolished before ploughing into my thick stone walls. Lucky no one was killed...including me, I reckon my late husband and late Mum who I lost only in the last 14 months were watching over me that morning. My insurance company have been brilliant and hope work will start soon, I did not need this disruption in my life... Everything hurts, legs, shoulders you name it am in a bad flare,, At least I am here,,,,blessed to see my three little grandbairns grow up...Gentle hugs to all who need one xx

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  • Oh my gosh. Thank goodness you were notkilled and are here to tell the tale! No small wonder you are having a major flare.

    Gentlest of hugs


  • that must have been very scary! so glad you weren't hurt.

  • Crikey! so pleased you weren't hurt and as Jilly says no wonder you're flaring.

    Wishing you wellness and sending warming healing fluffies for throughout the build :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Oh my word, I am so so sorry, that must have been the most terrifying thing ever. I am so relieved that you weren't hurt. Was this on the news ? It rings a bell with me.....

    Sending lots of positive vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • No Foggy not on the news was in the local paper only. I had presence of mind to get the camera out thank goodness. x

  • Hi Mistyang

    I am so sorry to read that you have had to endure this nightmare, and I am so relieved that nobody was injured or worse! I genuinely hope that you can get all of this sorted out soon. Please keep us all up to date with how you are getting along?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Blimey Mistyang, what a shock, I always thought early mornings were bad for us, but thst takes the biscuit. Hope insurance crack on quickly snd get you sorted as soon as possible. Good luck, Shazzzy

  • OMG, morning mistyang, as our fibro friends are saying no wonder you are in a huge flare up, so glad you weren't hurt in any way, and do hope they get in sorted soon, sure it wasn't one of our fibro lot coming to pick you up on the way to our scone testing visit lol, ( don't get me wrong I do know how seriouse this is but am just trying to make light of it ) seriously do hope it gets sorted soon, and your flare doesn't last too long, send you a huge gentle hug.. And handful of some lovely sunshine....Dee xxx

  • Hi Mistyang,

    glad to hear you are ok, if suffering from the stress of such a shocking event.

    sending you big fluffy hugs


  • WOW but so glad you are able to write about it. Hope your home gets well soon.


  • Thank you all for your message and hugs xx

  • How awful I am so sorry for you , but thank goodness you are all right, but your poor cottage! At least both of you will live to fight another day once the insurance company gets to work :)

    I do hope you have some good friends around you who will bring you assistance and solace. I wish on this occasion I could physically help - Sending gentle hugs and a large Gin an tonic :) Keep your pecker up wont you and remember we are here when you need to explode or just chat xxgins

  • Thank you Gins... I have some amazing friends around me, I have stayed with one of them now and again and had tea cooked for me by another (both of whom have FM too). My stepson has been wonderful and my daughter in law, my own daughter lives too far away but has been there on the end of the phone. I feel like I have been dealt a cruel blow, I lost my hubby 14 months ago and my Mum on 28 March last this. I live alone, but am so thankful the grandchildren were not here... xxx

  • I can see it was indeed a cruel blow but take heart you are ok and will be able to see your wonderful grandchildren grow up. Try to look forward and be positive sending healing thoughts xgins

  • OMG so glad you are safe.

    sending good wishes and gentle hugs

  • omg it must have been a terrible shock for you so pleased you were not hurt,snding gentle hugs x

  • How awful & terrifying for you and on top of everything else, no wonder you are in a flare! Good to hear that you have friends and family looking after you. I hope your cottage is repaired quickly and you are soon feeling better. Take care of yourself and think of your lovely grandchildren. Gentle hugs x

  • Well next week a stonemason is assessing the cottage, I hope they start putting my home together soon. I am not well at all this week i have a nasty chest infection. Starting to feel like it is never going to be normal again. It does get me down and every little bang I hear now makes me jump. Today it is a year since I lost my mum so feeling really sorry for myself this week. Hugs xxx

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