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Help in finding a welfare benefits advisor

Hi, I'm new to the site and was wondering how i go about finding a welfare benefits advisor to help me appeal against ESA medical. The decision letter came through saying they recognise i have a disability or health condition but i have scored 0 points!!! My money has now been stopped. I feel that ATOS just type in their reports what they want to and dont listen and just assume things. This is causing me added stress which in turn isnt helping my condition. Any advise would be greatly appreciated... thanks :)

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Put in a appeal asap.that way you get assesment rate at least.there is welfare rights citizen afvice,bureaux there are quite a few links on this forum that can also help.

I rang the appeals up myself and asked.

Good luck x


Ring your local Citizen advice bureau they can give you some advice and would have a number for welfare rights.

good luck


Hi thanks for the messages, i've managed to get an appointment with CAB next week to help me fill in appeal form. They also gave me the number of my local welfare benefits advisor but they said they could only help if i'd gone to them at the start of claiming ESA. hopefully CAB will do a good job and i'll continue to receive some payments :) x


Morning all, just thought I'd keep u updated, sent appeal form off on tuesday and have received a text message from jobcentre+ today saying ' We have received your enquiry, your payment will be in your account by close of business today. There is no further need to contact us'.... Not sure yet though if they've overturned their decision or its going to tribunal??? Oh well least I can get the bills paid now x


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