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Benefits help

Benefits help is available with great accuracy from the benefits and work site. They are absolutely in the ball with exact ways to fill in your benefit forms.

The are aware of all rule changes and can help you. It costs about £20 per year but is absolutely worth every penny. You can look at the site without paying but the members guides are only available if your a member. Step by step instructions and what to say exactly on your forms. Good luck everyone xx

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I've heard of this site, highly complimented.

What rule changes.... do you mean dla to pip?



All benefits. The government change the rules every other day especially when someone wins against them. Benefit and work are bang up to date and can show you exactly what you need to do and says. They have full print outs to help you in filling out all your forms wether it's claiming ESA or anything else . Go on the site and have a look xx


I am not a member but find it helpful to keep up with their news on what is happening benefit wise.


Thanks for bringing this site to peoples attention again as I am sure so many people don;t know about it. I first joined about 6 years back when my husband was ill and we were trying to appeal against an ESA decision I am sure the info. on there helped us win the appeal as it showed us exactly what we should be looking for. It also gave me some useful tips when I was claiming for DLA. I will be using it again when I have to apply for PIP. I think it is well worth the money if you have to fill in any forms without help as the guides are very comprehensive and they also sometimes have special offers on the cost of joining.x


Your right rosewine they have helped so many I wouldn't dream of using anyone else especially as it's a minefield and so difficult now. Best wishes x


It is a very good website.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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