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There are more butterflies in my tummy than in my garden!

I'm going into hospital on thursday for an operation on my shoulder. My darling dog & her "friend" knocked me flying last september, & I landed on my shoulder. A MRI scan showed a very small gap between the bones of my shoulder & a swollen rotator cuff muscle which won't go thru the gap. They are going to shave some off the bottom of the top bone & some off the top of the bottom bone. It could take up to 9mths for the swelling to go down & painfree movement comes back, but it will be great to cross 1 thing off my "it hurts" list!

Don't know if my recovery will take longer or be more painful coz of Fibro, anyone had any experience of this?

I'll tell you the dream I had when I got the appointment thru, it should make you laugh!

I was sitting wide awake & upright in a chair with the surgeon standing in front of me. He was bashing a hammer on a chisel on my shoulder. Suddenly there was a loud noise like breaking china. I looked down on the floor to see my arm in bits & broken fingers scattered about. (thankfully no blood! ) He apologised & said my osteoporosis must be worse than he thought! To which I replied....OH NEVER MIND, I HAVE ANOTHER ONE!!!

Lol, dream or nightmare?

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Good luck with the operation xx


Thanks julieevh x


Here's some information that Lindsey (FibroAction) posted a while back when another member was about to have surgery. It's an article written by Devin Starlanyl, one of the top authors on Fibro with Myofascial Pain. She is either a doctor or has had medical training (not sure if she completed qualification as an MD) and also has both Fibro and CMP/MPS herself.

It's particularly relevant to anyone facing surgery -


Wishing you all the best for your surgery Shadow, I hope it all goes really well for you, take care. :)


Thanks for this Libby. I will take a copy of this to my BC surgeon. Christine x


Thanks for the info & good wishes. x


my pleasure, take care :)


Best of luck do hope it is not too sore for you xgins


I have similar ops on both shoulders. It is impossible to judge recovery time; mine was slow because of other conditions, but I know other people who have had similar ops and been fine within a couple of weeks. So I guess you'll have to wait and see. What is important is that you do the exercises the physio will give you.

One last piece of advice - get some button through shirts and elastic waisted trousers.

Am here if you want to ask me anything more.

Good luck!



Thanks to all for your kind wishes & caroline for practical advice. I am feeling more nervous today, but knowing you lot care has cheered me up!

Gentle hugs to all xx


Hope all goes well for you, and it's great that you are still able to share a joke. It'll soon be done, and hopefully you will feel much better!

Hugs and blessings ... Moffy x


The very best of luck on Thursday Shadow. I may be having surgery myself soon for breast cancer so will be very interested in your experiences.

I'll b thinking of you on Thursday.

Christine x


Good luck for your op honey, keep us


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