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My Rheumatology Consultant will see me again....yey!

Hi everyone, I wrote to my consultant a couple of weeks ago as my condition has got so bad I am struggling to walk. I recieved a phone call today stating the consultant read my letter and wants to see me again. I have to go through my G.P., I have an appointment already on Thursday. I'm worried because I just don't have the power in my legs despite exercises given by physio. I am now unable to do my job; I still have a job at the moment but they are trying to push me out for Unsatisfactory Performance. Work hasn't recognised my disability yet. I have sent my application for my disability to be recognised under the Equality Act 2010. I saw my union rep yesterday and he has got me a Stay of Execution for now. Meanwhile he has suggested I look for another job, just in case. I don't know where I will look, I don't know what sort of job will be suitable. Wish me luck. Hugs xxxxx

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i was pushed out of my job as i couldnt do my job with being in pain so good luck and hope it works out for you. hugs x


Oh my god I can't believe people are being treated like this in this day an age, well I hope you find a nicer employer that takes the time to care bowt it's staff



Mikey I am so sorry to read about your job situation, it does seem incredible in today's modern World where we aren't supposed to be discriminated against and where we should all have equal rights.

It's good news however that you are seeing your Consultant again next week, I hope your appointment goes well for you. Perhaps you could ask your Consultant to write a report to your GP with details regarding your health condition now, you would then have some evidence to show your present employer. Ask your Consultant in their opinion would they consider you fit to work to see what they think?! My Consultant Rheumatologist told me categorically at one point that I couldn't work any more. Just a thought, it might help you.

I hope it all works out for you. Take care.


Thanks LibertyZ, I'll just have to see what the consultant makes of my case. At the rate things are going I will be worse by the time I see him. The worse thing about work is I actually really enjoy my job:-) I will make sure I get something in writing both for my employers and my g.p. The last time I spoke to Professor Emery at Chapel Allerton Hospital in Leeds, he said that I would be treated as a priority to keep me in work. I put that in my letter so maybe that's why he will see me again;-) Thank you for your advice. Hugs xxxxxx


Hi there, thanks for your kind words, I will keep you posted on the work situation. At least I have a temporary reprieve. I'll just have to see what happens when they actually recognise me as disabled. Hugs all round.xxxxxx


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