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Fingers crossed I've not overdone it

I went out with #1 daughter for lunch, it was lovely and grandaughter melted everyone's heart as normal.

I've been saving up my spoons for my friend's birthday party at the weekend - loads of my DC Babe (David Cassidy fans) friends that I've made over the last 9 or 10 years will be there and I want to introduce them to my boyfriend; I'm really looking forward to it and expect to pay the price next week ... but it will have been worth it.

SO in preparation number 1 daughter dyed my hair whilst number 2 daughter looked after grand daughter. I sat under the shower for ages waiting for the water to run clean - don't think it ever did though - when I got out I struggled to dry myself and had to have my hair put in a turban by #1 daughter. It is going to have to dry naturally!

I am now auburn (horray no grey) and totally knackered!

The things we do for vanity ;-)

Julie xx

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you may have over done it but it sounds ok xx just be kind to yourself tomorrow xx

Gentle dyslexic hugs


Julie, I know exactly what you mean about dyeing your hair! I feel a different person when I've done mine and I feel more able to cope! I even had my youngest son painting colour into my hair last time, but oh boy it made me feel brighter! :)

Make sure you take it easy tomorrow Julie, pace yourself and rest in between! :)


When my old computer died my diary went with it - just dug out some old emails and the party is next week! Good job I checked isn't it?

Plenty of time to get manicure and pedicure booked. Well I have to make an effort - you have no idea how glam some of my friends are!!!!

Julie xx


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