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Overdone it

I picked my caravan up from it's winter storage today. When I put into storage it was damp because of all the rubbish weather. Opened up the caravan door to see all the cupboards covered in a fine green mould. It has taken me all day to take down the curtains for dry cleaning and to wash all the cupboards. So much for going away for a relax. I'm so tired, I can't sleep. I've overdone it (again), when will I learn???


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As honey feel it for you :-(. We were advised when wintering our caravan down to put some normal household salt in containers around the caravan to collect the excess water. I can honestly say we have been doing it for about 5 years & it's worked for us.

Hope you manage to get sorted gentle ((((hugs)))

Lisa xx


I think most of us will never learn... Because stuff needs to get done and we're the only ones to do it. If we don't do it, it doesn't get done! For me, I know I will pay for overdoing it when it happens I just think I might as well get it done then I've accomplished what I need to. I hope you feel better soon... At least you know you got your caravan sorted so the next time maybe you can relax more... A. X


I agree with you, Alikat - we'll never learn, because the satisfaction of a job well done is of immense value, even if we suffer for a week afterwards.

I'm afraid that 'pacing' only enters my vocabulary if I have an important day coming up where I can't afford to be too down - eg a family wedding or something - i will save up my 'spoons' for an occasion like that.

I have majorly overdone Easter, so it's a couple of days mostly lying down for me - thankfully, I have only myself to look after, so I have time to rest!

Moffy x


Hi all,

Overdoing it for me at the mo means hoovering the lounge AND dining room..... Luckily I have my lads home from Uni at the moment so I am going to try to get them to help with anything I think may need doing before summer ie gardening jobs/ trip to the tip/clearing garage etc so I can " just tick over" while they are away for summer term.

Moo moo :-)


I honestly think that none of us sufferers "Learn" from over-doing it!! I certainly don"t, even when I am being told I am over-doing it and will most certainly pay the price, hence week or so in bed. Unfortunetely I suffer with O.C.D also which complicates matters as everything has to "just so" and I sound really ungrateful but other members of my family don"t have the same view as I, so they don"t feel the urge to have to vacumme Polish ect rooms everyday, even ones that are not even used!! So it layes with hubbie to do useless chores as he calls them!!

Although this "flare-up" is a really bad one, been in bed for 8th week now with fibro the most unbearable pain, ever had to go onto M.S.T & Oral Morphine just to keep it @ bay & shingles twice! So maybe after this bout I will try my best to listen & shut that O.C.D. voice up!! If only?? I wish!!

@ least when you go up next time for a visit , everything will be clean and in place. Wishing you some relaxing & enjoyable time! I"ll pray for some nice weather for you to go with it! Now that would be amazing!! Love Betty Baby xx


Oh no, not what you need at all. I know the feeling lately as I am moving next Monday and have had to do all the packing on my own. Ive got "man and van" for moving day tho. But then its all got to be UNpacked, the other end. As Betty says, we dont learn from overdoing it coz its just got to be done. I hope you can enjoy all your efforts.xx


Certainly can't go today now, very much overdone it. Still lots to do. I think I will try for Friday.

It could be worse. I am still able to do everything myself, though I know I'm struggling when I'm doing it. I didn't sleep to well because when I went to bed and laid down I throbbed everywhere and was jumpy and irritable. I'm so uptight today and stressed with myself. I feel like my life will never be what it once was again. Everybody my age (56) still seems to be able to get on with everything without paying for it for weeks afterwards. Chin up I tell myself, soon be summer. xx


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