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Fingers crossed !!


My PIP had been extended to next June due to COVID-19, on Friday I got a review form, filled it and just posted, fingers crossed they know realise I am a pensioner and I get the 10 year one.

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May your wish come true xx

angelm54 in reply to Painny

Thank you , that would take me 76 so would be nice x

YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer

Fingers crossed for you then 😀


good luck. mine was also extended to June, but review form came in early September. I'm just printing all my paperwork off to get it posted back to them tomorrow . Hopefully we'll both get the awards we want xxx

Fingers crossed for you too then x

angelm54 in reply to angelm54

Actually I never send any paperwork, just the form, mostly with no changes lol x

Fingers crossed for you xx

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