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Overdone it again!

Well overdone it again whe all went shopping husband and three children. As he was free to drive us, wanted new clothes for growing children, 8, 11 and 13. My husband kept saying he was tired, but I was shattered but new if I confessed he would go home and kids wouldn't get clothes! Really struggled and was so tired when I got home I collapsed on sofa, couldn't even eat too tired! I must try and get a blue badge parking ticket and prob have to look more on public transport. Resting this morning as I have two birthday cakes to do for Tuesday! Silly me

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well hope you feel better soon ,its hard not to over do it when you have kids though isnt it ,

have a lovely easter xxxxxx


Bless ya, have a good rest and Easter Lou x


All the best! Re the cakes, are you making them from scratch? I used to make things that were 3d but cannot do the paste or icing so I think your either brave or ...

I would buy a ready made cake and butter ice it now, with sweets all over in a nice pattern. Even that would take a lot out of me but when its for someone you love!

All the very best in recovering and re-covering the cakes ha ha Happy Easter

Soft hugs :)


Yeah thanks. I make birthday cakes in my spare time to try and earn a little more but it does take it out of me. I love making them but I pay the price :-(


I admire your perseverance. I only made one to order and the stress of getting it right made me ill and this was years before FM! So I gave that up. Also found the cost of making them outweighed what they could be bought for from shops. My hands definitely won't let me do this. Happy Easter and I hope the cakes come out well and you feel ok afterwards too!

Soft hugs


hope that you feel well enough to do your cakes bless your not the only one we allpush ourselves too far love to you diddle x


Well finished birthday cakes will try and add photos. Off to bed now for rest!


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