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i am back

Hi everyone have not been on for a while, the truth is i missed the support from this site. At the moment i am trying to decide whether to gtake redundancy from work or fight to keep my job.They are encouraging me to take the redundancy so feel they want to get me out. Have not been to work for six weeks as been feeling so ill think its the stress from the situation.

But something positive happened to me i want to Cannock hospital in stafford to see a consultant, she was amazing she says i have fibro it is not in my mind it is a real disabling disease. then she told me i had a rotator cuff injury of my right shoulder she is having me in to inject it. Also she is going to try me on different meds to find one that helps. That made me feel so much better,

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welcome back hon xxx

sounds possitive on the hospital thing well done xx

gentle dyslexic hugx


Hi Webby It is scarey facing decisions such as redundency, especially if its a job that you like, however it can be a positive, could be a new oprotunity to have a fresh start and maybe have the opition to do new things. However if the Job is what you enjoy stand your groung your still a person the only difference is your a person who has a disabililty hugs xx


thankyou that is such a positive answer just what i needed to here. you are right i have a disability and its time to admit this


Hello Webby, it's good to hear that you're getting the support you need, it's all heading in the right direction for you. Having our illness recognised is really half the battle isn't it. It's not being heard or understood that is the worst part.

You have a big decision to make regarding your work, but I am sure you will make the right one for you. You may have been off work, but you've been off legitimately, so don't worry about that. Hopefully you've been getting sick pay to help you manage.

I hope it all works out well for you, take care. :)


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