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Sooner or later!

Gentle rather delightful but persistent RAIN we have actually had a whole week without! The second week this year - wonderful glorious feel better sunshine- oodles of vitamin D so good for us all. I wonder if we will be lucky and the sun will come back today? Ok So I will have to do a little housework, a gentle flit with a duster may be in order - I think I will have a cup of tea first and think about it hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............Have a good day x gins gentle hugs

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Have decided pain dictates what I do so I only do things I like ..... have given up housework as I hate it and got a cleaner ... She does a much better job than I could ever do and so quickly my stress levels have gone down so much....knowing however bad I feel the house looks good. It might sound like a luxury... But it's what I spend my lowest care rate dla on.


Glad I'm not the only one I have a cleaner too!!!! It's heaven just need someone for ironing now :-) xxx


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