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I am hoping to re stain my wooden garden bench today and my wooden windmill and couple of other bits i have got in the garden as i bought some fence stain yestreday on the way back i got 10 litres of red cedar for £^ so that should last a while lol

i dont feel like doing it as i am hurting my arms/back and legs and still suffering from painting my daughters bedroom but am gonna do it as thats how i am i dont give in lol so if i am on here later and mon moaning jus say it is your fault diddle self inflicted lol love diddle xxxx

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Go for it Diddle but just take it sensibly and hopefully you wont do yourself any damage! Enjoy xgins


I,ll say it now as I may not be on later it's all your fault diddle:)


Diddle you are brave.

Julie xx


Good luck Diddle but dont over do it keep taking little breaks. (but if you like me you will want to do all of it to get it out of the way!!!!!!)

Take Care

Jo xx


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