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Brilliant Doctor!

I saw my GP on Friday, as a follow up from my neurology appointment, and he told me that that is very unlikely that I have a brain tumour!

This might sound silly but when he referred me for headaches and other symptoms, I really didn't think of a tumour.!

We had a good chat and I told him what has been going on, he is sending me for blood tests now, on the Neuros advice, and also because of the joint pains ans chest problems .

I did pluck up the courage to ask him about fibro. and his answer was that we have a long road to go down before we consider this, although it is quite possible with my symptoms.

He told me that he is determined to get me the best quality of life possible, no matter how long it takes, he was so kind and understanding, he has been amazing dealing with my back problems, and the recent sudden development of RLS.

I feel totally reassured, as I was worried he might think it was all in the mind, with my history of depression and PTSD, but absolutely not, he said having seen me for years working morning noon and night and still caring for my family, he would never assume such a thing.

I am so relieved and feel so very lucky to have him as my GP.

Best wishes to you all Cazx

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When you find a doctor who is sympathetic and relates well to your problems you need to hang on to him. I guess I am luky too my always tries to help - this is not always possible - but he tries. I can actually talk with him as if he is human which helps.

Glad you did not have a tumour! Take care xgins


That is such good news caz (thats what i get called too sometimes) :-)

It is such a relief after having such bad headaches and things and the rest as alsorts goes through mind in a way and especially aswell if family have history (as mine have).

You have a lOvely GP too like i do only i see who ever is available and you kinda get to know who understands you more out of each one.

I hope it alll goes well and you get the treatment that helps you.

There is something for most of us out there but the best thing is the understanding, caring and Dr that will help you through everything.

Happy Sunday! Xxxx cazzie xxx


i to attended a neurologist appointment but for the whole of my right arm shoulder.. having had all the test which came back clear i told him of the Chronic tiredness and the feeling of being a dead body and aches and pains and the rest of it.... to tired to get up to go to the toilet in the night sounds lazy but gee whizz is near inpossible for me.... anyway he to said he would ask my GP to follow this problem i have up and suggested that it may well be Fibro... whatever it is it started when i feel downstairs 4 years ago... thought i was a goner couldn't feel any sensation in my head and neck for a month... and never been right since... just wondered how you get tested for it and am i stuck with this forever... Regards to all..


Poor you, I also had a fall and that precipitated my PTSD, as I truly thought I was going to die, couldn't move and was completely alone at work.

Perhaps now you will get to the bottom of all this, it does take time.

Take care, Cazx


Thank you for all your replies, Cazx


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