Waiting for diagnoses, very nervous of doctors

Hi I am Caz, and I developed RLS very suddenly about 10 weeks ago, severe 24/7. I have been suffering from bad headaches and blurred and sometimes double vision too.

My GP has put me on Pramipexole which has stopped the urge to move my legs, for which I am really thankful. since joining this site I am amazed at how many of your symptoms you talk of, that I suffer from too.

I am seeing a Neurologist 31 July, and am so nervous, I don't know what to say to him. My symptoms are so diverse. I have been diagnosed already with RLS, TMJ, Migraines, DDD, Inflamed Facet joints, Possible inflammatory bowel disorder, (they cant make up their minds which) My worse problems at the moment are severe muscle pains also finger, wrists, elbows, shoulders hips, and knees, always back-pain, difficulty walking and bad cramps, tremors and shaking at times, sudden jerks, fatigue, I tire so easily.

I keep forgetting things and feel so weak and ill. I Have a lot of trouble typing, and I was trained in it! I just cant spell thank goodness for spell check!

I sleep very poorly, sometimes only an hour or two at night. Any thoughts on how to approach the neurologist without sounding completely bonkers?

Best wishes to all, Caz

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  • I am waiting for appointment with a neurologist and I will just go in and tell them how I feel on a daily basis. I think I have gone past caring whether they think I am bonkers or not. Got to be honest and let them know exactly how it is xxx

  • I know you are right, its a silly thing to be scared, but iIhave always been like that with doctors. Thank you for the help Caz x

  • Morning dont be scared they are there to help so imagine them in their undies then take a deep breath and start at the beginning I know when I went to a specialist I thought he is not going to take me seriously as I reeled off all my problems. But he did he looked at me and said well there is more than one thing wrong with you so we will start by looking at the fybro - I left feeling at last someone under stands and I am not a malingerer! So just tell him - take your time good luck x gins

  • I like that! I will try but it might make me laugh, better than being scared! Thank you Cazx

  • Hi I to am waiting for an appointment with the neurologist and I will write everything down then it helps not to forget anything you must not worry about what the doctor thinks its his job to diagnose your condition try not to worry but I know it's hard thinking of you lots of love Sue xx

  • Yes, I am going to start the list today, good luck with your appointment Cazx

  • I saw one.stay calm .again try and write all the symptoms down on paper if you can.

    Explain that your nervous becoz you just want some answers.

    I endured test after test after rest.he ws really good and patient.abit snooty at times.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you Sammy, I have problem with staying calm with doctors, but if I tell him I am nervous may be that will help. Cazx

  • This blog article might help:


  • Thank you Lindsey, I have just read that and bookmarked it, really helpful, I am feeling a lot calmer now. Cazx

  • if you can write your symptoms down and send them to your neuro before your apts

  • if you can write your symptoms down and send them to your neuro before your apts

  • Thank you I had not thought of that best wishes Caz

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