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Hauled in for Questioning again last week...............0 score for ESA...............................I do not understand how for fifteen years I have received my incapacity and now all of a sudden Rhumo reports/doctors/mental health treatments. Nothing counted ......Only asked whether I can walk a few steps and sit in a chair for an hour...........M.E/ CFS /Fibro/Depression.......Please will some one give me a job where I can sit in a chair for an hour and get paid...............This is new system is such a joke. ............

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So sorry.

It is such s*** that we have to be bullied by them with all we alreadt live with.

We need to make it clear on the pain aspect. If you experience pain while doing that walk either straight away or afterwards. Same with sitting in a chair for 1 hour. Then you cannot do it.

If you are appealing get a note from your doctor explaining this fact. It will be the new evidence that they need to reconsider.

best of luch. Fi x


Oh you poor thing that sounds awful why do they do it to us keeep making us bend anfd stretch and prod and poke and twist and just generally maul us what they dnt realise is that when we get home that 5 min examination can make us sore for hours/days and weeks i have had it myself for different things and i have been messed up for days it is awful they should just realise what fibro is and the consequences of having it

love diddle xxx


Refuse to go to any assessments say you are too I'll to leave the house and ask for a home visit.... And have someone at home with you . The only time I go to apppts if it's for a new treatment or specialist or dr where I know they can't come to the house and they are trying to help me.


It is a joke. Im sick of running around (not literally..) in circles and getting precisely nowhere.I was diagnosed in 2006 but had fibro a lot longer, and IB were happy to give me benefit right up to these stupid new rules.I got 6 points at assessment and a further 6 at appeal but still 3 short.I was FORCED to go onto job seekers cuz they stopped my ESA at appeal and I have to live on SOMETHING.But i cant cope with looking for work, let alone doing it.My dr has given me a sick note again but Im worried theyll reduce my benefit even further, or stop it cuz Im not fit to look for work.Im going to try for ESA again but wont hold my breath. Its not doing my depression any good at all. Hope you can sort something out.We are all in an impossible situation.x


im sorry, i have tried twice this year, and been turned down, after watching horizon and dispatches the other week, i think there are going to be a lot of people being turned down, even those that have been receiving benefits for a few years, there going to reassess every one, i have given up , i went to see a women at dial and she told me i would be turned down , that even if your terminally ill but can still make a cup of tea or a sandwich , you will not get it, its going to be so hard on all those that need it , and may loose it, suex


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