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What next?

Good morning everyone. Only last week was bragging how good I feel!

Was taken in to A&E with a suspected heart attack last night. I had an excruciating chest pain when I tried to stand up. I had been working really hard cleaning the caravan and the decking in the afternoon.

Anyway,the paramedics arrived and I was taken in for blood tests and e.c.g.

All fine.

the doctor was fantastic and checked everything. He put it down to a trapped wind and or muscle pain. It was so scary!

Now,all is well, the pain is still there but only mildly. This fibro is weird,isn't it !

Will take it easy today lol have a good day everyone xxx

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Wow, what a night you had! I hope your pain goes away very quickly. Have a relaxing day!



thanks Louise,you have a good day ! xxx


It can be very scary can't it avarose. Sounds ike you did a bit too much, we're all guilty of that when we feel good.

Make sure you do take it easy today, lol, you need a rest.

Hugs Sue xxx


thanks Sue xxx


Aw take it easy Avarose, sounds like you did too much all in one go. Glad you are okay though and it wasn't your heart. Love Angela xx


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